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Propyl Alcohol Polluted Products

OK – so Dr. Clark says there are polluted products that contain Propyl Alcohol which should be thrown out…. not everyone takes this as kind advice! You need to decide for yourself! Read the book! It’s a FREE PDF available at the following link:


> Download the PDF “The Cure For All Diseases” HERE (right click and save as)

OK – here is a list from Dr. Clark of Propyl Alcohol Polluted Products

It’s on page 335 of the free PDF

THROW THESE OUT even if propyl alcohol is not listed on the label!

• shampoo, even health
• bottled water, distilled
water, or spring water
• hair spray and mousse • rubbing alcohol
• cold cereals, even
“natural” granolas
• white sugar (brown is
OK if detoxified)
• cosmetics (make your
• all shaving supplies including
• mouthwash • carbonated beverages
• decaffeinated coffee,
PostumTM, herb tea
blends (single herb teas
are OK)
• store-bought fruit juice,
including health food
• vitamins, minerals and
supplements (unless you
test them)

See page 335 of the FREE PDF for more information from Dr. Clark on polluted products you must eliminate if you have cancer

Deficit of calcium?

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