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The Prevention of All Cancers Paperback 2007 by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.

The responsible parasite is Fasciolopsis buskii, the human intestinal fluke, a flatworm.

It is a human parasite although it can also parasitize other species. It normally lives quietly in the intestine. (The goal for all larger parasites is to live quietly. After all, your demise is their demise.) They were meant to pass their thousands of eggs with your bowel movement, outside, to some pond where snails live. But when the eggs hatch before THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES 332 they leave your body and are allowed to continue their development inside you, the setting is right for cancer to develop.

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Map of Microstructure of Gallbladder Stones and Clonorchis Sinensis Eggs in the Gallbladder Stones

Map of Microstructure of Gallbladder Stones and Clonorchis Sinensis Eggs in the Gallbladder Stones (Chinese Edition)

Chinese liver fluke

This book gives a detailed introduction of gallbladder stones and clonorchis sinensis eggs – Chinese liver fluke – as well as their super microstructural diagrams and element-forming diagrams through pictures with words. There are 1000 to 1500 colorful and black-and-white pictures attached. From the micro perspective, the author explores the forming mechanism of gallbladder stones and how clonorchis sinensis eggs function during the forming mechanism of gallbladder stones.

The contents introduced in this book are the newest international research achievements in this field.

This is also the first book which systematically introduces gallbladder stones, clonorchis sinensis eggs and super micro structure.

It is a book which is quite suitable for clinical doctors and researchers to read. Besides, it is also a good reference book in the gallbladder stones research area.

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Clonorchis sinensis is the Chinese liver fluke – This parasite lives in the liver of humans, and is found mainly in the common bile duct and gallbladder, feeding on bile.

Clonorchis sinensis, c.s. Microscope Slide Amazon Image

Clonorchis sinensis, c.s. Microscope Slide

Chinese Liver Fluke Clonorchis sinensis, c.s. Microscope Slide

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Chinese Liver Fluke – clonorchis sinensis

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Roundworms in sushi? Oh no you didn’t!

Parasites are everywhere! Don’t think you are special and have none! That would be very unusual!