Avoid Mold

A huge part of what Dr. Clark teaches revolves around parasites and zappers… but what about mold?

Reading The Cure For All Diseases reveals a wealth of info on how mold affects health. If you have not yet downloaded it – please do – it’s free after all!

As we add articles on mold I’ll post the links here to make sure you do not miss them

Mold and Toxic Chemicals


Preventing Colds – No Mold


Prevent Mold – with 2 great videos you MUST watch!


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The best way to control mold growth is to control moisture.

Mold is a direct result of mositure – one of the best ways to avoid mold is to control the moisture or prevent it. Dry clothes throughly before storing or hanging in a closet. Prevent pipes from leaking. Ventilate areas prone to moisture.

If you can see the mold it is a really serious problem. If you can smell it you need to do some work fast!

Check out the US EPA Mold Page – it has a lot of info on avoiding mold.

A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home (FREE PDF)

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