The Kerry Gaynor Method Vital Lung Detox – Plant-Based/Herbal Homeopathic Formula To Cleanse Body From Harmful Effects Of Years Of Smoking – 60 Capsules/Bottle – 1-Month Supply

For those of you that were serious about quitting smoking you have followed the proven Kerry Gaynor Method to finally take control of your life. It has been recommended by doctors for over three decades with thousands upon thousands of ecstatic “quitters” being a huge part of its 85% success rate. This Vital Lung Detox is a natural extension of the successful method by detoxifying your lungs regardless of the amount of years smoked. In fact there is a correlation between the number of years and how large your supply will be. This powerhouse formula was created to relieve and loosen congestion mucus and accumulated toxins from such areas as the nose, throat, liver, kidneys, blood and intestinal systems. This homeopathic product is a potent solution to continue your complete eradication of the effects of smoking in your body you initiated by utilizing The Kerry Gaynor Method.

Product Features

  • Powerful way to detoxify lungs from years of smoking
  • Taken additionally with the proven Kerry Gaynor Method for quitting smoking (85% success rate) or separately
  • Formula developed to relieve and loosen accumulated toxins from problem affected areas such as nose, throat, liver, kidneys and lymphatic systems for starters
  • For best results, take for a certain amount of time based on number of years smoked
  • Capsules manufactured at an FDA-compliant plant and are GMP-certified

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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been smoking for over 4 years and after trying to quit. I decided to try The Kerry Gaynor Method. I was jarred by the image of a diseased lung wracked by years of cigarettes that Dr. Gaynor showed his patient in the DVD but this made me more determined than ever to stop. It’s true that nicotine is a physical addiction but the mind is stronger than your body’s attempts to trick you into thinking you need to smoke. Dr. Gaynor has given me the confidence to not shy away from situations where…

  2. Anonymous

    I was smoking cloves and rolling my own tobacco cigarettes for years before deciding it was time to quit. I had a hard time at first, especially when getting back into the gym and running. However, I was able to get a second chance, and a push forward with this detox. This truly helped me get my breath a bit faster, and was able to push things in the gym a bit. I’m now running every morning, outside, and can really feel this working when I try to run harder. Quitting was difficult, but this…