The 7-day Juice & Yoga Detox Program

Have you always wanted to learn how to do a proper juice fast? This program will teach you how! Nicole Fey, a nationally recognized holistic health coach has led transformative group cleanse programs for the past 10 years. Now her favorite detox methods, powerful yoga exercises and succinctly organized cleansing programs are available to you at home. If this is you: · You have gas, bloating, digestive discomfort after eating some or all your meals · You feel tired, mentally fatigued or foggy after eating · You are gaining weight despite the fact that you are not eating a lot · You are craving sugar, bread, and other refined carbohydrates · You have bad breath, excessive sweating and body odor. · Constant mucous, stuffy sinuses, chronic ear infections and sinusitis · Your body is resistant to losing weight even when you eat less and exercise more · You wake up exhausted and foggy even after a good night’s sleep · You are addicted to sugar, caffeine or refined carbohydrates · You are constipated or have a digestive disorder In this 7-Day Juice & Yoga Detox Program, Nicole helps you organize and create a juice cleansing program as well as an introduction into eating a clean, whole foods diet. Your program also includes a powerful yogic breathing exercise and meditation that are specific to reducing stress levels. Stress and anxiety are major contributors to over-eating, binge eating, uncontrollable cravings and food addiction. Releasing stress, while doing your juice fast will ease the process for you while giving you a lifelong tool to manage stress. This program is about taking back control of your health, your eating habits and your life!

Product Features

  • CD’s with 90 minutes of lecture on detoxification, juicing, juice fasting, pranayama and meditation exercises
  • Detailed, step-by-step instruction for a successful juice fast
  • Over 40 pages of instruction and detoxification and holistic health information
  • Refrigerator magnet reminding you to juice every day
  • Gift Certificate for a nutrition breakthrough session with certified health coach, Nicole Fey


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