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Liver Cleanse & Detox Liquid Drops, Alcohol Free Liver Support Supplement – Ion Wave Formulas

Liver Detox contains no alcohol and is an effective and gentle signature base that helps the liver detoxify itself. Supports the gallbladder during detoxification.

Ion Wave Formulas uses a unique extraction process where we pull the bio-available signatures from powerful nutritional super foods. Then we combine these signatures from a proprietary blend of vitamins, herbs, amino acids and minerals to make our special formulas.

Because we are only introducing the signatures instead of the nutritional itself, which normally rely on proper digestion and assimilation, we bypass all the limiting factors that can occur after ingestion. This allows the nutritional signatures to permeate the body field and go to work uninhibited.

The nutritional signatures are imprinted into purified water with a base of 72 trace minerals.

Product Features

  • DETOXIFICATION & REGENERATION: Helps promote liver detoxification and liver cell regeneration.
  • ALCOHOL & TOXINS: Supports liver regarding the effects of alcohol and environmental toxins. Good hangover prevention formula..
  • EFFECTIVE & GENTLE: Liver Detox helps the liver detoxify itself. The liver routinely dumps toxins around 3 AM during sleep. This is why so many wake up at that time. It is because the liver has dumped some very toxic material into the large intestine and now some of it has entered the bloodstream, enough to wake us up.
  • SUPPORTS GALLBLADDER & KIDNEYS: Liver-Detox will not remove or eliminate gallstones, but does support the gallbladder by increasing bile movement. The kidneys are also supported while needed the most, during detoxification.
  • ENERGETIC FORMULA: Contains the energetic signatures of 17 super nutritionals that work together in helping the liver detox and rebuild. Please see description for details.

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3 Frequency Clark generator 30 kHz, 2,5 kHz and 1 kHz positive square wave

3 Frequency Hulda generator 30 kHz, 2,5 kHz and 1 kHz positive square wave Operating parameters: Power supply – 9V battery. battery type 6F22 (6LF22), 9V The 3 frequency a) 1kHz; b) 2,5 KHz; c) 30 KHz. Number of sessions with one battery: 25 Packaging: • Main machine: 1 pcs. • Instruction for use: 1 pcs. • Wriststraps: 2pcs. • Cooper handholds 2 pcs. • Cable aligator to banana plug 1 pcs. • Techtile bag: 1 pcs. • Battery 9V: 1 pcs. Two switch. One – ON/OF; Second – you select the frequency (1 kHz, 2.5 KHz or 30 KHz). When you start use Hulda generator first 7 minutes, then slide switch to 30 kHz, secound 7 minutes slide switch to 2,5 kHz and finaly 7 minutes slide switch to 1 kHz. But it do not always. You can always use only one of the selected frequency (1 kHz 2,5 kHz or 30 kHz). 7-20-7-20-7. 7 min – work Hulda generator. 20 min. turn of generator. For best wriststraps or cooper handholds contact hands spreading, wetting gel. Change the battery every 3 weeks. (24-25 sessions). This Hulda generator are home made product. God healsh to you and you family.

Product Features

  • 3 Frequency Hulda generator 30 kHz, 2,5 kHz and 1 kHz positive square wave

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