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Dust Mask Reusable -Can Be Washed Cleaning Gardening Mask,For Allergens,Exhaust Gas,PM2.5,Cycling,Anti Pollution Outdoor Mask Activities Warm Windproof One Size Multiple Colors with 6 Filters

Vokproof cotton dust mask is washable,reusable and easy to breathe.
When adjusted to fit snugly, Breathe Healthy masks help to protect against germs, pollen, dust, pet hair & dander,
allergens, mold spores, many bacteria, effluents from coughs and sneezes , and many of the particles that pollute the air (all 1.0 micron or larger).
This filtration technology allows the wearer to breathe easier while lawn mowing, gardening, grooming the family pet, leaf raking, bicycling, working
in the office, during travel, carpooling, wood working… performing many of day-to-day work and recreational activities.

1.unfold the mask and put the filter into the inside layer after that fasten.place it on the face
2.apply the two straps on both sides of the mask to your ears and adjust the seal rings attached to ensure comfortable wearing exprience.
3.Gently press the nasal splint,slowly exerting pressure inward and push from the center to both sides till it is tightly and comfortably fixed to the nasal bridge.
1.Mask Resuable Washable(recommended cleaning for 1-2 times a week)
2.Filters.Disposable supplies can not be washed(recommended replacement of 1-2 times a week)

Package included
1 X Cotton Masks
6 X PM2.5 Filter

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Please contact our customer service if there’s any question. Not satisfied? Please don’t worry, return of goods is 100% guaranteed.

Product Features

  • Made of high-quality cotton,6 filter flexible replacement.Package included:1 x Cotton masks,One size,Unise,6 x PM2.5 filter.
  • Filters air down to 1.0 micron to help to protect against most types of dust, pollen, mold spores, pet hair & dander, various bacterial allergens, and airborne effluents that can contain cold and flu germs.
  • Ergonomic cut on nose detial and ear loop adjustable buckle for closely fit; High elastic and adjustable Ear Loop mouth-mask is wide enough for cover nose,mouth and face,very comfort to wear and effortless breathable.
  • Stylish camouflage masks are ideal for dust, germs, allergies, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen, crafts, gardening, travel, anonymity,suitable for household,hospital,public places,etc.
  • WE GUARANTEE 100% SATISFACTION – We provide full refunds & returns if there’s any problem after receiving the product.

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Moxa Navel Patch – Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Treatment Sticker, Warm Belly Paste Belly Patch Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Massage Wormwood Treatment Patch

Moxa Navel Patch – Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Treatment Sticker, Warm Belly Paste Belly Patch Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Massage Wormwood Treatment Patch


Type:Navel Sticker


Country/Region of Manufacture:China

NET WT:50g

Color:as shown


Skin Type:All skin types

Weight: 0.4 kg

Shelf life:2 years

Package Size:15x8x5cm

Package included:

1 x Box of Navel Stickers


When using the navel sticker, fully contact the navel sticker with the navel, leaving no gaps.

One tablet every night before going to bed, placed in the navel, fixed with a special umbilical patch, and taken out the next day after getting up.

You can also take two other stickers in Yongquan, and remove them the next morning.

Product Features

  • Promote Blood Circulation – Completely regulate and dredge the meridians and organs, promote blood circulation, enhance spleen and stomach function, regulate endocrine, promote balance between supply and demand in the body, and completely eliminate the body’s fat factors.
  • Effectively Warm Belly – It helps warm belly, regulate spleen and stomach and adjust human growth.
  • Adops natural high quality material, no damage to the, safe use.
  • Helps Downbear Fire – Stick to the yongquan acupoint, helps downbear fire.
  • Breathable and Anti-allergy – Anti-allergy breathable non-woven fabrics made, easy to use.

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7 Yr Old Purity 50:1 Pure Wormwood/Mugwort/Moxa Rolls/Golden Moxa Stick – for Ancient Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Therapy/TCM Health-Cultivationh – Warm Moxibustion on Back Pain Relief (15 Rolls)

❤️About Moxa (Ai)/Moxibustion:

The use of fire moxibustion originated in the Stone Age after humans mastered the use of fire. In 1.7 million years ago, China Yunnan Yuan Mou people have begun to use fire. They burn the tree with fire then fire moxibustion in the affected part, dispel cold evil, relieve the pain. The Moxibustion originated in ancient times China no later than the western zhou dynasty, and was very popular in the spring and autumn and warring states periods.

❤️How to use? Act in airy place where not too much windy after bath.❤️

Moxibustion by pure moxa sticks no use other tools:

Light up the moxa, one hand look for the acupuncture point and put down beside acupuncture point, other one hand hold moxibustion sticks and height 2cm distance the acupuncture point. Then put up and down, and turn circle to moxibustioning on the acupuncture point.

Moxibustion by pure moxa sticks w/ moxa box:

1. Cut one moxa stick to be few little moxa cones, then light up the moxa cones and insert it into the box , make sure it can move freely.

2. Adjust the hole covered to suitable of temperature, a little hot without causing pain is the most desirable point.

3. Put the copper boxs into the cloth covers package and buckle up the tie belt.

4. Put the moxibustion boxs set on the area being treated of your body and tie the bandage.

5. Meanwhile, you can move the any moxa cloth covers to your body any parts if you need it. Also can open cloth covers and copper boxs adjust temperature. But must watch out for fire scald!

6. Open the cloth covers and copper boxs after there is no temperature and the fire to extinguish. After moxibustion, extinguish the burning moxa stick, open lid and dump ash rather than rinsing it with water after treatment. Collect the moxa ash that can be reuse on foot bath after cool, for warm the foot or remove the beriberi ect.

❤️Must remember to drink more warm water than usual, never drink cold water

Product Features

  • ❤️ Uniform-slow Burning – Burn mildly to provide constant and proper heat, the smoke fog faint, with clean smell. The moxa ash is gray white and cohesion together after buring. Pure moxa stick through traditional acupuncture therapy – heat moxibustion acu-point, to remove moisture from body, warm the meridians, low back pain relief, upper back pain relief, and promote circulation, the moxa rolls also is best fat burners.
  • 💙 Note: After moxibustion, the fire must be extinguished completely to prevent recurrence. Be careful to prevent burns skin. Should drink more warm water than usual (never drink cold water) during moxibustion to help flush out toxins from your body. Shower must after moxibustion exceed 4-8 hours. It should be a little hotter than warm water if you need to shower immediately after moxibustion, and ould after at least 30 minutes. If premature cold water showers, easy colds & sick.
  • ❤️ 100% Pure Natural Wild Mugwort – High quality wild wormwood growed in Funiu mountain NanYang HeNan where Chinese famous moxa product base. Located in 33 degrees north, latitude and 111 degrees east longitude, has rich sunshine & rain and due temperature produce the superior wild wormwood. ❤️Most popular roll available. Size ⌀18 × L 200mm/roll, 15 rolls/box, for 7 years purity 50:1 Golden Ratio golden moxa rolls. Plus bonus gifts 1 Smokeless Copper Box w/ Anti-scalding Purifier Cloth Bag Set.
  • ❤️ High Quality Handmade Moxa Stick – 7 years old 50:1 golden proportion high purity moxa sticks 15 rolls/box, golden color and exquisite no impurities, soft and delicate, easy to kneading molding. Soak it in warm water is golden yellow, brightly colored and no dusts. These moxa sticks rolled by handmade, more solid and well-distributed, with better performance. Application chinese medicine acupuncture therapy – warm-moxibustion has very good effect on back pain, upper back pain relief.
  • ❤️ Warm Tip – If body poor health, sore or damp very severity, you should start from moxibustion. Becuase moxibustion can more fast relief for back pain, rejuve the Yang-qi, healthy qi & vitality. And Guasha & cupping are not suitable for people with weak qi and blood, people who are physically weak. Their physical strength can’t be bear and will be worse if Gua sha or cupping. Such as elderly, children or those with insufficient vital energy, they more need to moxibustion replenish vital energy

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BITA Wormwood Knee Pain Paste Slip-Film Sticking Knee Joint Pain Stick Keeping Warm Against Cold Stickers

How to use:
1,Wash your hands before applying the patch
2,Clean and dry the affected area
3,Bend the patch and remove the film to expose the adhesive side
4,Apply the adhesive side directly on the skin in the affected area
5,Only use one patch to the affected area,the patch can last up to 8-12 hours
6,If the pain is persistent 8-12 hours after the first patch and the second patch may be applied
7,Please remove the first patch before applying a new one
8,8-12 Hours for each time, 4-5 times per week

1,The people who skin redness,congestion,ulceration,damage are prohibited
2,People with allergies are prohibited
3,Administraction with caution for pregnant women
4,A small number of people will appear itching or rash during use,doesn’t affect the use,when you stop use,it will gradually disappear
5,The sensation of burning in the skin is normal

Package including:
12 * Knee pain paste

Product Features

  • Specially for the knee area to apply
  • Wrap the knee and not affect the knee movements
  • Suitable for all kinds of knee injuries
  • Sports injuries,office workers,body fat,middle and old
  • Dedicated to the maintenance of knee development

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Hibiscus Moxibustion Patch, Past on Wherever Uncomfortable Argy Wormwood Warm Paste Pain Relief Pack of 6


Argyi wormwood Moxibustion Patch

Size:3.7 x 2.8 inches per pad

Qty: 6 pads per box(5.7 x 4.1 x 1.8 inches)

Main Ingredient:  Artemisia Argyi, Essential Oil, Fe,Active Carbon, and Water.

Applicable people

1.Women (cold in uterus,irregular menstruation, cold hands and feet, abdomen edema, metabolic disorders, breast hyperplasia and body cold caused by many diseases)

2.Workers(cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite, fatigue, neurasthenia, physical deficiency and sexual dysfunction etc.)

3.Elderlypeople (all kinds of rheumatism, arthritis, lumbar muscle strain, hyperosteogeny, backache, stomach bloating, cold cough)

4.Health people (health and longevity, strong physique, enhance the body’s immunity, promote blood circulation)

5 Children (children salivation,frequent micturition,chicken pox, aphtha,cough, diarrhea,stomachache,pneumonia,fever)


This product is for home health care, but not a medical device or medicine.

Do not use together with other heating device or in sleep.

Not for use by infant or pregnant woman.

Patient with skin disease, Diabetes, fever, or disabled, please consult your physician.

When accidentally ingested, rinse your mouth and consult your physician.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Product Features

  • Traditional Chinese medicine recipe with modern technology. FDA certified products.
  • Easy to carry, anytime, anywhere posted, smoke-free non-toxic without fire.
  • 6-8 hours constant temperature of 48 degrees Celsius self-heating pad, special temperature control stickers to avoid low temperature burns.
  • It can be stick on the pain spot, or stick on acupoint according to symptom. No side effect.
  • Applicable to a wide range of people: The elderly people with lumbago and skelalgia;The children with cold, fever and cough;The women with cold in uterus;The men with spondylosis.

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5 Count Menstrual Pain Therapy Heat Wraps Chinese Chinese Medicine Herbal Wormwood Physiotherapy Warm Heat Posts Stomach Pain Relief (5-count)

Material:Non-woven,Chinese Medicine herbal wormwood powder.Tourmaline far-infrared heating powder.
Maximum temperature 125.6(℉) 52(℃)
Lasting time:10 hours
Content:5 Sheet one package.

How to use ?
1.Tear off the stickers
2.Put the Wormwood leaves powder towards skin
3.Press up sticker
4.After 5-10 mins you will feel the heat
5.Take off after 6-8 hours.

1.Pregnant women, skin ulceration, acute contusion period, bleeding disorders patient disabled.
2.External use.If you accidentally come into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention; If you are not careful eating pls immediately vomiting and seek medical attention
3.The minority person blistering after application warm patch, (known as “scar moxibustion”), It could be used to disinfect the needle prick, >release fluid, keep dry or smear anti-inflammatory creams can heal, the prognosis can continue to paste moxibustion. Conditioning effect is better

About Herben Worwood
Medicinal use
Wormwood leaves are gathered on a warm dry day in spring and summer when the plant is in flower and dried in the shade. In traditional Chinese
medicine, they are considered to have bitter, pungent and warm properties and to be associated with the liver, spleen and kidney meridians
From Wikipedia

Product Features

  • Natural Chines Herbal Worwood .This herb is considered to increase the blood supply to the pelvic region and stimulate menstruation, help treat infertility, dysmenorrhea, asthma and coughs.
  • Delivers continuous heat to the specific area of pain,abdomen, joints etc.
  • Dredges the channels and collaterals, invigorates the blood to remove extravasted blood
  • Consists of Non-woven, heat package posts, Chinese mugwort 3 layer.Chines mugwort could transfer heat to your skin and the heat could help promote the efficacy of wormwood.
  • Maximum temperature 125.6(℉) 52(℃);Lasting time:10 hours . Contains temperature control stickers,effectively avoid skin burns.

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5pcs Warm Paste Woman Warm Heating Uterus Paste Wormwood Body Warm Plaster


Material: Wormwood concentrated essence
Quantity: 5pcs
Size (L x W): approx 12 x 10cm / 4.72 x 3.94 inch
Scope of application: female palace cold, menstruation pain, cervicitis and caking pain
External use: Clean the pain part, use hot towel to wash and dry, then paste on the site of pain and related acupoints, press gentlely for fixing
Each warmer provides up to 12 hours of heat
With wormwood essence, improve microcirculation by cold and warm, strengthening nursing women, menstrual period, warm the uterus

Package Includes:

5 x Uterus paste

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MILANAO Men Winter Keep Warm Pure Color Cotton New Style Windproof Snow Boots(8D(M)US,blue)

MILANAO,Exquisite leather shoes

Each pair of carefully polished

Every process embodies the shoe-making craftsman

The material of high quality

comfortable hand feeling

Fashionable and beautiful

Design simple and easy

Natural rubber sole stand wear and tear

When you to wear it you will Feel very comfortable

Make you Enjoy the everyday good life

Product Features

  • Natural rubber sole,solid durable
  • High quality velvet cowhide
  • Waterproof, when the snow melted,don’t worry about wet shoes
  • imports short nap inside
  • manual suture

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