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Biotraxx Parasite Cleanse as per the recipe of Dr. Hulda Clark

Tincture to discharge numerous parasites such as amoebae, worms, toxoplasmosis, Candida albicans etc. The ingredients of Black Walnut, Cloves and Wormwood are known for their ability to kill numerous parasites and their eggs. For the protocol of 12 days, adults require 2x 100 ml tincture and 200 g Chlorella. The recommended dosage for adults, children, dogs and cats is included in the package. NOT to be used for horses, as Black Walnut is highly toxic for them.

Product Features

  • Parasite Cleanse
  • Per the recipe of Dr. Hulda Clark
  • 100% natural ingerdients only!
  • To discharge numerous parasites such as amoebae, worms, toxoplasmosis, Candida albicans etc.
  • Highest Quality Standarts. Made in Germany.

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Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – FREE Infusion Recipe eBook & Anti Sweat Sleeve – 32oz – Full Starter Kit – BPA Free Plastic – Insulated – Best for Fruit Infused Water Travel Sport

Wet & Wild!

How many glasses of plain water have you drunk today? How many did you enjoy?

Fruit infused water is different. It’s fresh. Exciting. Healthy and a great money saver too!

Why should I drink fruit Infused water?

It’s an easy way to naturally increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. Whilst keeping you hydrated. Did you know that being dehydrated can make you feel tired and less focussed?

By drinking more water you can control hunger and cravings. Making it easier to stick to your diet!

What do I need?

Our starter kit that has everything you need to get going. You just add fruit and water!

Included in your Fruit Infuser Starter Kit:

● 32oz. BPA Free Fruit Infuser Bottle
● Insulated & Fitted Anti Sweat Neoprene Sleeve
Free Infusion Recipe eBook & Starter Guide (Download Instructions Included)
● Lifetime Happiness Guarantee!

How do I use it?

Don’t worry. We include a free infusion recipe ebook full of tips, tricks and tasty recipes to get you started. And become an infusion master overnight! Download instructions included in the box.

Why a neoprene sleeve?

It will keep your infused water cooler for longer. Greatly improving the taste. Plus it absorbs sweat from the bottle! No more puddles of water everywhere.

Neoprene contains thousands of tiny air pockets. It’s the air that provides the insulation. Simple, but effective.

What if I don’t like it?

We’re sure you’ll enjoy your fruit infused water bottle. So much so we include a lifetime happiness guarantee. Even if you don’t like your infuser bottle you can keep the recipe ebook forever!

Order your fruit infuser bottle today and try it out for yourself!

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Product Features

  • ✔ CUSTOM ANTI SWEAT SLEEVE: Keep your water cooler. Reduce the “bottle sweat” you get from most single wall bottles. Our tailored insulated neoprene sleeve does it all. Custom fit, leaving a stable base to prevent the toppling you get with other bottles sleeve design.
  • ✔ FREE RECIPE EBOOK & STARTER GUIDE: Impress your friends with flavourful, tasty and healthy water. Get infusing right away with the handy ebook included with your fruit infuser water bottle. Instructions included on how to get your copy.
  • ✔ MORE WATER. MORE FLAVOR: At 32 oz. we give you up to 25% MORE than other fruit infuser water bottles! But at a convenient size to travel with and fit in your car cup holder.
  • ✔ LEAK PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Rubber seals around the screw cap and spout to prevent leaks. And a sturdy metal safety ring on the lid release gives you peace of mind. With a tough BPA free plastic construction, your bottle can take any knocks you throw at it.
  • ✔ LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Premium quality products & customer service are at the core of our family run business. Each bottle is thoroughly inspected before going on sale. But if you’re not completely happy with your infuser bottle simply get in touch and we’ll look after you. Order with confidence today!

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Fruit Infused Water Bottle Detox Edition – Large 24 oz – BONUS Recipe eBOOK INCLUDED – Shatterproof Tritan Material With Easy Twist Carry Handle Lid – By Push The Limitz

Our fruit Infused Water bottle are the perfect way to increase your daily water intake in a creative and fun way.
They also give you a multitude of benefits, some of them are,
Improved digestion
Increased energy
Increased metabolism
Increased nutrient & vitamin intake
Detoxify your system
Reduce sugar intake by replacing fizzy drinks
Weight loss
-And so much more…

1.Select your favorite fruit such as lemon, kiwi, strawberry, watermelon, mango, apple, mint… you have infinite amount of available combinations.
2. Put the ingredients into infuser basket and put back into the bottle, fill remainder with water.
3. Give it a quick shake and your ready to go! Or you can chill it in the fridge for 15 mins to get a much stronger and intense burst flavor.
4.When finished, Our Infuser conveniently disassembles into 4 pieces for EASY CLEANING!

Why Push The Limitz Infuser Bottle?
We have come up with a durable yet easy to clean Infuser water Bottle.
Our Detox Infuser water bottles are made from high Quality, Eco-Friendly, and Shatterproof TRITAN Plastic (BPA free). With the convenient carry handle you can simple hook it onto your backpack for easy travelling.
Another great benefit is there is an awesome tasting Detox recipe included with every bottle to get you started with your new purchase.

So don’t hesitate another moment, Click the Add To Card Button NOW to start drinking the most amazing flavored water you’ve ever tasted!

Product Features

  • EASY WEIGHT LOSS – Our Fruit Infused Water Bottles Are The Perfect Detox Water Bottles, Cleanse All The Toxins From Your System And Drink Your Way To The Perfect Body.
  • REMOVE SWEETNERS – Discard Sweeteners, Caffeine & Sugar and Replace With Natural Flavored Water To Suit Your Taste and Improve Your Health.
  • BPA FREE – Safe For You And The Environment. Made From Eco-Friendly TRITAN Material.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Quickly Comes Apart Into 4 Easy Sections For Easy Cleaning. Top Rack Dishwasher SAFE Also.
  • BONUS EBOOK – Discover The Health Benefits of Water and Enjoy Amazing Recipes Using Local in Season Produce Ingredients.


Organic Beet Root Powder – 1 Pound (Lb.) Bulk / Wholesale Package – Makes Excellent Beet Juice & Can Be A Great Addition To Your Favorite Smoothie Recipe with It’s High Sugar Content – Get the Freshest Quality Guaranteed!

Why Drink Beet Root Juice Powder?

Beet Root Powder was discovered in ancient times and has been used for a variety of healthy benefits for years. Beets, like some other vegetables, have a high amount of sugars, which makes them ideal for making into delicious juices. Beets actually have the highest sugar content of all vegetables. Beet root powder is commonly used to flavor other vegetable juices as well as add color to them.

Beet Root Powders Nutrients:

– Betaine, Alanine and Arginine

– Beta-carotene

– Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus

– Fiber

– Glycine

– Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid)

– Potassium and selenium

– Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

– Tryptophan, tyrosine and zirconium

– Vitamin C and zinc

Beet Root Benefits:

– Prevent the buildup of fatty acids in the liver

– Lower levels of LDL cholesterol

– Prevent the plaque-creating oxidation of LDL cholesterol

– Cleanse your colon

– Battle depression

– Give you more energy throughout the day

How To Take Beet Root Juice

It is recommended to drink approximately 1 teaspoon of beet root powder in a glass of water or juice, 2 to 4 times daily. 1 teaspoon of beet root powder is equivalent to approximately 1 beet.

Product Features

  • PRODUCT PACKAGING: Our Organic Beet Root Powder comes bulk packaged in a heat-sealed and re-closeable bag to retain its freshness. All Herb Affair Beet Root Powder is GUARANTEED FRESH!
  • BEET ROOT BENEFITS: Drinking Beet Root Juice may help to Prevent the Buildup of Fatty Acids in the Liver, Lower Levels of LDL Cholesterol, Prevent the Plaque-Creating Oxidation of LDL Cholesterol, Cleanse Your Colon, Battle Depression, & Give You More Energy Throughout the Day
  • BEET ROOT NUTRIENTS: Betaine, Alanine, Arginine, Beta-carotene, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Fiber, Glycine, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid), Potassium, Selenium, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Zirconium, Vitamin C and Zinc
  • HIGH SUGAR CONTENT: Beet Root Powder has the highest sugar content of all vegetables, and is a popular sweetening substitute making it a great addition to delicious juices or smoothies.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Beet Root Powder From Herb Affair is Certified Organic by the USDA. That means that it goes through a strict certification process ensuring that all aspects of its production meet the organic standards.

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