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OUTXPRO Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Control Repeller Air Purifier Plug-in w Nightlight Best Repellent Device Against Indoor Insect Rodent Mice Rats Roaches Mosquito Fly Ant and Other Insects

OUTXPRO’s Ultrasonic Electromagnetic Pest Repeller All-In-One

OUTXPRO is a 100% Safe product for your family and pets (however it should not be used around pet rodents). It will protect your home effectively, acting as a shield against unwanted rodents and insects and allow you to get the pest free life you deserve. Just plug the unit in and see the results you were seeking for. Pest activity might increase within the first two weeks of usage depending upon the pest and its reproduction cycle. This will be the proof that the device is working effectively causing every single creepy creature to leave after a few short weeks of use once and for all.

Due of the reproduction cycle of the pests it can take some more time than 4 weeks to get rid of them that’s why we give you an extended guarantee.

We are 100% dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction. 90-day money back guarantee No questions asked.

Product Features

  • ELIMINATE PESTS FROM YOUR HOME: NO MORE droppings in your Kitchen, messy traps in your Garage, Basement, Office. NO MORE Harmful Chemicals around your kids pets and food products
  • SAY NO to Costly Pest Control Services NOW and Make your home a Safe- Impenetrable place to All these disgusting cockroaches, mice, mosquitoes, rats, flies trying to shelter in your Home without exposing yourself and family to Harmful Chemicals or Poisons. Choose the 100% Safe environmental risk Free repeller that will solve your pest problem once and for all.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY- Deep Penetrating Electromagnetic waves in combination with Powerful Ultrasonic Frequency (by making use of the electrical wiring within the walls) will cause such disturbance and discomfort to all pests and their existing nests that will force them OUT of the walls AWAY from your house and prevent them from entering it EVER again.
  • EASY TO USE- Simply plug in the unit as centrally as possible in a single floor house and then sit back to enjoy the FAMILY and PET FRIENDLY -PESTICIDE FREE PEST CONTROL results. Large storage areas attics and basements may require additional units.
  • 100% SATISFACTION -QUALITY GUARANTEE- OUTXPRO extensive Tests have proven high elimination of pests which gives us the confidence to offer a 90-day money back guarantee NO questions asked.

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