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Dr. Dale’s Lecture Series on Fungus, Parasites and Cancer

Help determine the cause of disease and how parasites and fungus can influence serious health issues such as Cancer. What symptoms and conditions are caused by fungus and parasites? Empower and educate yourself so that you can heal your body. Learn how to address these issues using natural methods, including diet. Dr. Theresa Dale, author of Revitalize Your Hormones, helps the listener to discern the invisible cause of behavioral patterns and disease. Yeast is a fungus scientifically referred to as Candida. Learn why this is so prevalent in today’s world. An article in The Nutrition and Dietary Consultant (May 1996) says it is estimated that 200 million people are infected by intestinal parasites. It also estimates that one in four people worldwide is infected by roundworms. The high infection rate in the USA is surprising to many, but most of these creatures have always been living within our bodies. When the immune system weakens, they can grow to numbers that cause physical harm and possible disease. Learn the secrets of creating a healthy lifestyle and pathway to wellness.

Product Features

  • • UNDERSTAND HOW PARASITES AND FUNGUS INFLUENCE SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES. Help determine the cause of disease and how parasites and fungus can influence serious health issues such as Cancer.
  • • WHAT SYMPTOMS AND CONDITIONS ARE CAUSED BY FUNGUS AND PARASITES? Yeast is a fungus scientifically referred to as Candida. Learn why this is so prevalent in today’s world.
  • • DR. THERESA DALE, AUTHOR OF REVITALIZE YOUR HORMONES, HELPS THE LISTENER DISCERN THE INVISIBLE CAUSE OF BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS AND DISEASE. An article in The Nutrition and Dietary Consultant (May 1996) says it is estimated that 200 million people are infected by intestinal parasites. It also estimates that one in four people worldwide is infected by roundworms. The high infection rate in the USA is surprising to many, but most of these creatures have always been living within our bodies.
  • • FIND THE POWER TO CHANGE OBSTACLES IN YOUR LIFE. Empower and educate yourself so that you can heal your body.
  • • START YOUR JOUNEY TOWARDS WELLNESS. Learn the secrets of creating a healthy lifestyle and pathway to wellness.

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Dr Oz parasites – Get rid of your parasites – The Best Colon Cleanse on Dr Hulda Clark at Cure Help

Dr Oz parasites – Get rid of your parasites – The Best Colon Cleanse

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Cure for all diseases – Interview with Dr. Hulda Clark – Part 1 on Cure Help Health Tips

Cure for all diseases – Interview with Dr. Hulda Clark – Part 1

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Human Parasites & Pathogens – A Prepared Microscope Slide Set

Please Note: Slide subject may change but will be appropriate to the categories of Parasites and Pathogens. Millions of parasites and pathogens, including mites, worms, bacteria, fungi, and viruses are eating your flesh and trying to spread to your friends and family, right now! The human race is subject to infestation by more than 1,000 types of parasites and even more pathogens. These freeloaders can be extremely harmful, wreaking havoc on the health or their unwitting hosts. Virtually all parts of our bodies will host some type of parasite/pathogen within our lifetimes. These infestations of the bodies of humans has reached epidemic proportions in some parts of the world, including North America, representing a major health challenge that is often overlooked by medical professionals. There is a tendency to only treat the symptoms: chronic fatigue, skin rashes, muscle and joint pain, weakened immune system, forgetfulness, food allergies, colitis, water retention and many others, without considering that parasites may be the root cause of health problems.

Product Features

  • 15 slides including Haemophilus Influenza, Malaria, Tuberculosis
  • Amoeba, Bacteria, Pin Worm,
  • Streptococcus, Head Louse, Hook Worm, Liver Fluke,
  • Tape Worm, Tick, Mixed Protozoa and other similar slides.
  • Interesting & Educational in 25 slot Poly Slide Box

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Wormwood herb – 3.38oz Parasites Herbal Tincture

Traditionally used in Western Herbalism for the treatment of intestinal parasites such as pinworms and roundworms. ** Do not take for longer than 4 weeks. Cautions: Not recommended for long term use. Recommended use under care of a health care practitioner. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you have stomach or intestinal ulcers. Do not use if you have a seizure disorder. Do not use if you are sensitive to plants in the Asteraceae (Compositae) family. Do not use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. May interact adversely with other medications; consult with a health care practitioner before using with other medications. Natural Product Number (NPN): 80006178. This product has been issued a product license by Health Canada and has been found to be safe, effective and of high quality under its recommended conditions of use. More Info: Grows in Argentina, Chile, Coulee Dam National Recreation Area, Egypt, Great Britain, Haiti, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Knife River Indian Villages, Mexico, North Cascades National Park, Paraguay, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Pipestone National Monument, Saint Croix National Scenic River, Siberia, Spain, and Turkey.

Product Features

  • Know to treat: hookworms, parasites, pinworms, roundworms, tapeworms
  • This product has been assessed by Health Canada and has been found to be safe, effective and of high quality under its recommended conditions of use.
  • Pure Herbal uses the highest quality, 100% organic plant material when manufacturing our products. We use only naturally produced fertilizers and non-chemical pest control methods.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Liquid extracts substantially reduce the time needed to assimilate in the body as compared to tablets and are generally more effective.

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Parasite Cleanse For Humans – Kills Parasites – Promotes Stomach Health and Body Detox Supplement – Pure Cranberries + Goldenseal Extract +Wormwood + Natural Black Walnut + Zinc By Huntington Labs

Cleanse your body of parasites and other unwanted microorganisms thanks to these Parasite Free Detox Complex supplements from Huntington Labs.

These pills for men and women are loaded with Papaya, Cranberry, Garlic, Black Walnut, Wormwood and others to deliver excellent remedies to a number of problems that can occur in humans.

Small amounts of Zinc are required to keep the human body in good health, and the supplement can be used to boost the immune system as well as for treating the common cold. This substance can also help in keeping eyes healthy – as well as lowering blood pressure.

Cranberry extract is a powerful antioxidant and it’s also loaded with Vitamin C.

Wormwood and black walnut are naturally occurring ingredients that are specifically used to treat parasite infections – while wormwood can be used to increase libido and get a grip on digestive disorders.

Take two capsules, three times a day with meals for 10 days. If this does not work, repeat the process in two to three weeks.

Product Features

  • Undergo a parasite cleanse with these pure and potent Zinc + Cranberry + Black Walnut + Wormwood + Papaya extract supplements to promote good health and undertake a body detox
  • Parasites in the body can lead to weight gain + poor organ function + tiredness + irritable moods – these supplements for men and women can help
  • Contains zinc – this is vital for human good health – can be used to boost the immune system and treat symptoms of the common cold and ear problems – can also be used to bring down high blood pressure
  • Cranberry extract is a powerful antioxidant which helps to fight infection throughout the body – excellent source of Vitamin C – can be used to fight urinary problems and weight loss
  • Black walnut + wormwood are natural ingredients that are specifically used to treat parasites – wormwood extract can also boost libido and help the digestive system

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Best Colon Cleanse for Weight Loss – Cleansing the Body of Toxins, Parasites, & Bacteria

Best Colon Cleanse for Weight Loss – Natural Detox Cleanse with Psyllium Husk – Lose Weight Naturally Fast – Skinny Flush – Diet Pills That Work – Cleansing the Body of Toxins, Parasites, & Bacteria

SKINNY FLUSH DETOX CLEANSE – Best natural colon cleanse for weight loss. Used to promote quick weight loss by naturally cleansing the system of unhealthy toxins and bacteria. Order Now Click ADD TO CART!

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  • NATURAL DETOX CLEANSE – Skinny Flush is an All Natural Colon Cleanse With High Fiber. It Relieves Constipation and Helps You Safely Rid Your System of Waste, Toxins, and Harmful Bacteria. The Same Parasites That Cause Bloating, Low Energy, and Even Illness. Our Best Seller Will Help You Flush The Fat!
  • BETTER THEN DIET PILLS ALONE – Use our Gentle Colon Cleanse & Learn How To Lose Weight Fast by Gently Cleansing Your Digestive System. Flushing Toxins & Impurities is the Healthy Way To Achieve Loss of those Unwanted Extra Pounds. You’ll feel Lighter, Healthier, and More Energetic!
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Weight Loss Article: Foods that help lose weight – Eating fresh fruits and simple steamed vegetables is no longer boring.

Parasite Cleanse Plus+ – detox formula for treatment of pinworms, tapeworms, stomach worms and intestinal parasites, its eggs and infections in Humans. Contains Wormwood, Cranberry, Black Walnut.

Parasite Cleans Plus+ is a detox formula for treatment of tapeworms, pinworms and other intestinal parasites, eggs and infections in adults. It contains wormwood, black walnut and other ingredients which fight these intestinal parasites and eliminate them.

Product Features

  • REMOVE INTESTINAL PARASITES – best detox cleanse formula to remove parasites in humans and parasitic worms like pinworms, human tapeworm and other intestinal or stomach parasites
  • ELIMINATES INTERNAL TOXINS – If you exhibit any tapeworm or parasite symptoms like worms in stool, stomach worms or human worms, then our supplement for parasites helps in internal intestinal cleanse and toxin removal
  • AIDS IN DETOX – best parasite detox and cleansing detox supplement including bowel detox and detox for parasites including black walnut detox and wormwood detox
  • MAXIMUM POTENCY & IDEAL DOSAGE – Contains high strength and dosage to provide maximum effectiveness. Each capsule contains a propitiatory blend of Cranberry, Garlic, Black Walnut, Carrot, Papaya, Cloves, Wormwood, Blue Leaf etc. No preservatives or artificial flavors added. Bottle contains 60 capsules (or 1 month supply).
  • BEST QUALITY – Our pills are made in USA in an FDA inspected and GMP certified facility to ensure best quality. Made from all natural vitamins, minerals and herbs with contents from 100% plant extracts and premium grade plant sterols. If you are a Prime member, order 2 or more to get free shipping and get 2 months’ supply at the same time.

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Featured Article: Parasites – How Do You Know if You Have Worms and What to Do About Them

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Dr. Clark Parasite Cleanse w/ Freeze Dried Green Black Walnut Hull - Read all the REVIEWS!

Parasites-How Do You Know if You Have Worms and What to Do About Them

I had a client a while back who had this question for me: “I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting menstrual cramps the last few months and I don’t usually have them. Can you tell me what you think it is?”

It was determined, strangely or not so strangely enough, that the cause of those menstrual cramps was parasites! And this isn’t the only disease caused, in part, by parasites. Read on…

I recommend for her, and for you, that you worm both your pets and yourselves about twice a year.

I’ve tried natural wormers over the years–actually LOTS of natural wormers such as: garlic, cloves, black walnut, cilantro, wormwood, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate, diatomaceous earth, Rascal, Zymex, Vermifuge, several other natural wormer formulas and homeopathics, but nothing seems that effective. I’ve even tried the Hulda Clarke “Zapper” (which does not work by the way, because the voltage of the thing is not strong enough to penetrate the fecal material within the bowels–save your money by not purchasing or building one!) I am sorry to report (as a naturopath) that studies show these herbal treatments are only about 20% effective. The Certified Organic organization says when all else fails, use ivermectin (which is not organic in any way), but have you seen the list of side affects to that particular product? Three pages long!

I will say that when a client comes to me, I ask them if they have any cravings. One sure sign they are “wormy” is when they tell me they crave cloves. Clove oil has been shown to penetrate the egg and kill it where the other herbs only kill the adults. Herbs that kill parasites are often found in herbal cancer formulas because parasites are often a core cause of that particular disease.

One reason why I push so much for routine worming is that the medical field often misses this diagnosis–especially if you don’t have a history of traveling outside the United States where parasites are often a big issue. I love working in my garden and often I am an open-mouth breather when I’m working up the soil. We also live in a windy area and dirt from the wheat and grass fields is often in the air. I try to wash my hands frequently, but anyone who works in the dirt knows that it’s nearly impossible to keep from getting it on you.

Another reason why I stay on top of the worm situation is that worms carry viruses into our body. Some of these viruses can cause cancer, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and a host of other horrid diseases.

In my opinion, the safest, cheapest, easiest, most effective way to worm yourself and your pets of the most common worms (roundworms–also called strongyles, thread worms, pinworms, ascarids) is to go to the local feed store and get a bottle of horse or dog roundwormer–Equi-Phar, ProTal, Strongid-T, and Nemex are all trade names of Pyrantel Pamoate. I say this because when you ask your doctor for a wormer, they usually tell you there is no need for you to be wormed. Make sure it says Pyrantel Pamoate on the label and nothing else added. Combination wormers are not always needed and not always safe.

Dosage: Use the dose of 5-10 mg/kilogram bodyweight (about 1 ml/5 to 10 pounds of a 50mg/ml solution) of bodyweight for dogs and humans and 1 ½ ml/5 to 10 pounds for cats. One teaspoon is 5 ml or cc (ml and cc are the same unit of volume). If you are not good at math, you’ll want to double-check that you are taking the correct dosage. Although this wormer is so safe that you can take 40 times the amount with no harmful side effects, you don’t want to under dose. And, “If a little is good, a LOT is not necessary better.” The most common side effect is nausea so take this product with something on your stomach like a small meal or a few crackers.

One dose is all it takes, but you may have to give a second dose 7-10 days after the first dose for the initial worming or if the wormload is quite large. I use this once a year now for myself as I have had a history of heart palpitations (another symptom associated with parasites.) The worms will be dead within 20 minutes. You won’t feel anything and should have no side-effects. You won’t see anything pass into the toilet as a general rule but if you are wondering about what is passing, a photo often helps. Often people will mistake intestinal shreds for flatworms or tapeworms and undigested food for parasites. This wormer will not kill those types of parasties. Occasionally I see a pet get nauseated with an overdose, but in 30 years, I have never seen any other side-effect.

Will store-bought wormer work the same? No. Many stores still carry Piperazine wormer which has been so overused that it is no longer an effective wormer. Piperazine is often marketed as a “monthly” wormer in the pet sections. I once saw a litter of eight puppies in full seizure who had just been wormed that week with piperazine. Imagine eight cute little Golden Retreiver puppies laying on their sides shaking. It was horrifying! I immediately wormed them with Pyrantel and the worms just flowed out their little rectums and the seizures stopped within 20 minutes. It was incredible to watch!

If the product you purchase contains a tapeworm medicine (like clorpyriphos which is an organophosphate wormer), that may cause some serious side affects. Never use these store bought wormers on pregnant animals. The animal’s guts can contract so strongly to pass the worms that they can rupture their uterus and die. Always get tapeworm medicine from your doctor or veterinarian as we carry much safer brands than the grocery or feed stores do. Tobacco plug is also not safe. Don’t use it.

How do you get worms? We pick up worms from some of the things we eat, from the dirt, and from the dust we breathe in. Eating dirt is a sign of iron deficiency. We should talk if you are doing that… I got pin worms when I was a little girl by eating a mud pie (my friend said she’d give me a nickel if I did it!) Pinworms are the equivalent of cat and dog roundworms, only they are a different species of worm so are not passed from us to them and vice-versa. See more on that below.

Most adults (pets and people) have enough enzymes in their mouths to break down most of the eggs coming in through our mouths and nose, our stomach acids break down even more, but some eggs get by both of those back-up systems where they hatch, find a home, and grow into adults within about 10-14 days in our small intestine. After 14 days, these adult parasites are producing more eggs–millions of them in their lifetime. Yuk!

We see worms most commonly in baby animals and humans because their salivary enzymes are not as strong, the hydrochloric stomach acids have not been totally developed yet, and because they have oral fixations and put lots of things into their mouths–they ingest more dirt than adults. Their immune systems cannot keep up with that. The “load” (number of worms) gets so great in the small intestine that it spills over into the large intestine and into the stomach. This is why it is so common to see babies either vomit worms or poop them out. Because adults have a better immune system, the load is controlled and the worms like the environment of the small intestine, so that is where they stay. We may still have worms, but it is not as evident as it was when we were young children (or pets under a year of age.)

How do you know if you should take a wormer?

Signs of roundworms include, fevers, cough, wheezing, stomach problems, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramping, appendicitis, gas, bloating, increased cramping (menstrual), heart palpitations, pain in the lower right quadrant that comes and goes (spasms in the ileocecal valve), itchy anus’, dry lusterless hair with split ends, seizures, pica appetite (often for sugar), clear mucous strands in the stool (yes you should be looking at it each time you go! And yes, I will ask you what it looks like if you ever consult with me.) People and animals with lots of parasites also have big bellies and lots of diameter below the belly button caused from the intestines losing their tone. Most times worms can be diagnosed by looking at the bowel contents under a microscope or doing a blood test, but not always. Protozooal parasites such as giardia are often missed.

Can I get roundworms and tapeworms from my pets?

Good question, and I get that a lot. If you worm your pets regularly, you won’t have this problem. Dog and cat worms are different than most human worms. There are only a few species of worms that are zoonotic (passed from your dogs and cats to you)–one of those is Toxoplasma cati, which is passed to the human from cat feces and causes blindness in children. But, the Pyrantel Pamoate kills that and if you clean the litter box every day, the probability of that being passed is nearly nil. Giardia lamblia, an intestinal protozoal parasite can be passed to you through your pet as well, but mostly humans get Giardia from drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated lettuce or water chestnuts. Mange is NOT passed from animals to humans and neither are head lice or public lice. Tapeworms are not transferred from dogs and cats to people (but they are from fish and some farm animals). Tapeworms are treated with different drugs than roundworms.

Ring worm is not actually a parasitic worm. It is really a fungus and that, too, can be passed from your pets to you. We have fantastic homeopathic drops for that, but keeping the area scrubbed and applying iodine to it can help. Also keeping your immune system and that of your pet healthy with good high-quality foods helps immensely.

Well, that’s worms in a nutshell (or in this case, an intestine!) Appetizing, eh?
Parasites-How Do You Know if You Have Worms and What to Do About Them by Denice Moffat

Dr Clark Purity Kidney Cleanse Kit - Encourages removal of toxins in the kidneys - Free from manufacturing agents, coatings, colorings, binders, fillers & release agents

Arthritis – Yes It Can Be Cured

There are over 100 types of arthritis. It is a disease that limits everyday movements such as walking, standing or holding onto a key and trying to open a door. The effects of arthritis range from slight pain, stiffness, and joint swelling, to crippling discomfort.

Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent form of arthritis. An estimated 20.7 million Americans are affected by this disease.

According to Dr. Hulda Clark “…in osteoarthritis the joints have bacteria living in the deposits left there… More research is necessary to explain this. My suspicion is that there are toxins, like mercury, thallium, cadmium, lead, as well as solvents, distributed through the body, lowering immunity and allowing the tiny larvae to reside there. Once the pathway (routing) to these organs has been established, it continues to be used by other parasites as well. Soon a variety of parasites, their bacteria and viruses, and pollutants are all headed toward these organs”.

Osteoarthritis causes the breakdown of cartilage which is what protects the ends of bones from rubbing against each other. As the disease gets worse, along with the loss of cartilage bone spurs and abnormal bone hardening will develop, and create severe pain as there is no more cushioning for the bones. As a result, bones become more brittle and susceptible to fractures.

There are two types of osteoarthritis: primary and secondary. Primary OA is arthritis due to an unhealthy aging process. Secondary osteoarthritis is not so common, and is caused by, injury, previous congenital joint misalignment, trauma, infection, surgery, or prolonged use of medications.

Yeast and Fungus – The most common yeast in humans is Candida albicans.

Causes of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is can be brought on by general wear and tear on the body through the process of living, excess weight, and a lifetime of inadequate diet. Additional causes can be skeletal defects, genetic factors, and hormonal deficiencies (as evidenced by the many women who get osteoarthritis after menopause), toxins, and microbes. There are still other environmental and even dental factors that have also been found to bring on the disease.

Biomechanical changes, especially excessive tissue acidity, can also contribute to the development of osteoarthritis. This is why watching your pH for your acid, alkaline levels is so important, (you can get more information on pH, and acid and alkaline at www.drclarkuniversity.org click on books and products, then the University book store, then click on Alkalife). When joints lose their full range of motion due to stress, injury or lack of activity, the cartilage is decreased. As a result, motion is hindered and the and pain ensues. The body replaces the deterioration in the joints with calcium, which then forms hard, inflexible deposits, which cause joint stiffness.

There are some things you can do to avoid this disease or remove it from your life. One would be to follow Dr. Clark’s recommendations, some of which are below, and more information about her treatment and suggestions can be found in her book the Cure For All Diseases, found at www.drclarkuniversity.org [http://www.drclarkuniversity.org]

“Arthritic deposits contain a large amount of phosphates combined with calcium. This calcium came from some other bone, such as the base of your spine or the wrist. Here the bones are getting weaker due to this calcium loss. Calcium was taken out of your bones for the simple purpose of neutralizing the excess phosphate in your diet. Reduce phosphate consumption (meats, soda pop, grains) by half, eating fish, milk, vegetables and fruit instead. Drink three cups of milk a day. If you are allergic to milk, do several liver cleanses, switch brands of milk, use milk digestant, and use it in cooking and baking. Cheese and cottage cheese are not substitutes for milk (the calcium stayed in the whey). Dairy products must be boiled before consuming and should be no less than 2% butter fat. It takes bile to make calcium absorbable, yet bile with less than 2% butter fat does not trigger the gallbladder to empty it’s bile at mealtime”.

When joints are painful it is a simple matter to kill the bacteria with an electronic zapper. Treat yourself with a zapper daily until the pain is gone, (more info on the zapper at www.drclarkuniversity.org [http://www.drclarkuniversity.org] and in the Cure for All Diseases). Maybe it will stay away, but chances are the bacteria will have a steady source of toxins to become re-infected. Pick up the Cure for All Diseases to learn how not to re-infect yourself.

Arthritis – Yes It Can Be Cured by Michele Michaels

Amazon Image

About Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr. Hulda Clark aka Hulda Regehr Clark Ph.D.,N.D. is best known as a research scientist and the parasite health visionary and author of The Cure For All Diseases.

dr-clarkHulda Regehr Clark was born on October 18, 1928 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan and passed away on September 3, 2009 in Chula Vista, California.

A lifetime of work helping people has left us with a ton of information and options for dealing with diseases.

Dr. Hulda Clark and her methods for regaining health were groundbreaking when she first introduced them and are still part of a movement today.

Whether you believe in her exact methods and all of her treatments you have to admit she was on to something. Especially her work with parasites and liver cleanses.

Parasites are absolutely responsible for a lot of what ails us in this modern age of chemicals, preservatives and articial man made creations.

In The Cure For All Diseases Dr. Clark offers many case studies with suggestions and theories with specific instructions for their cures.

According to Clark, all disease is caused by foreign organisms and pollutants that damage the immune system. She asserted that eliminating parasites, bacteria and viruses from the body using herbal remedies or electrocution while removing pollutants from the diet and the environment would cure all diseases.

More on Dr. Clark at Wikipedia

Interview with Dr. Clark on Youtube

Amazon Image

InnerWhealth Solutions Advanced Herbal Anti-Parasite Complex To Cleanse & Rid Your Body Of Intestinal Worms And Parasites. Natural, Potent & Very Effective. All-in-one Detox Formula.

Advanced Parasite Herbal Detox Complex

How do humans get parasites?
– By drinking unclean water
– Eating contaminated foods such as vegetables or fruits
– Eating raw, rare or undercooked meat or fish
– Eating foods prepared by an infected person
– Eating foods from people who prepare food without proper handwashing
– Some worms/parasites can be absorbed through the skin
– Children may get infected through contaminated dirt and sand, etc.

Health Problems Caused By Intestinal Parasites
– Digestive problems: Constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating;
– Stomach and/or abdominal pain;
– Symptoms like those associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
– Fatigue, lack of energy, exhaustion, apathy and depression-like symptoms
– Skin irritations, unexplained rashes, hives, eczema & other skin problems
– Trouble with sleeping or waking up during the night
– Grinding your teeth
– Constant feeling of hunger even after you have eaten
– Symptoms somewhat like anemia and nutrient/vitamin deficiencies

Be very careful if you have any of the above symptoms. Since this is only for informational purposes and not medical advice, we suggest that you consider getting expert medical advice.

Why Choose InnerWhealth Solutions Advanced Parasite Complex?
– Natural Herbal Complex: Well formulated with herbs which are backed by years of scientific research and thousands of years of proven use by our ancestors.
– Kills Parasites/Worms in all three stages: Egg, Intermediate and Adult
– Fast relief with emergency use. Very gentle on the stomach plus very effective against parasites.
– You can use worry free and risk free.
– Made in the USA in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility.
– 100% Money Back Guarantee. Full customer support.

Product Features

  • ✔ RAPID RELIEF from nasty parasites with this all-in-one powerful yet gentle synergistic blend of anti-parasitic herbs which has been proven to help eliminate many types of worms, parasites. May also aid in other digestive and stomach problems related to parasite infestation and toxins.
  • ✔ GET GENTLE, EFFECTIVE PROMPT Satisfaction. Very gentle on your stomach with no harsh side effects while you quickly, naturally and effectively cleanse, detox, clear up and rid yourself of these nasty parasitic organisms and toxins. Incredibly effective when incorporated with other elements of a short term plant based cleansing diet.
  • ✔ EMERGENCY HELP: Recommended dosage for parasite and worm problems is 6 tablets per day for 10 days! Then use smaller dosage for prevention and to maintain healthy digestive condition.
  • ✔ BASED ON SCIENCE: Research has indicated that the ingredients in this supplement can kill and remove parasites naturally all forms of the parasite: Black Walnut has been shown to kill adult parasites, Wormwood kills the larva, and Cloves kill the eggs.
  • ✔ 100% Money Back Guarantee! Our formula is loaded with a combination of other powerful anti-parasitic herbs including Garlic, Apple Pectin, Carrot Juice Powder, Papaya, Pau D’Arco, Pumpkin Seed, Wood Betony, Butternut Bark, Grape Root, Blueberry Leaf, Goldenseal, and Echinacea and more!

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Parasite Cleanse for Humans Maximum Strength ★10 Day All Natural Herbal Detox Formula ★ Best Parasite Cleanse to Kill Worms and Parasites ★ Includes Wormwood and Black Walnut Hull ★ 100% Guaranteed

Approximately a third of Americans have an intestinal parasite. Are you one of them?

7 Common Parasite Warning Signs

1. Bowel movement changes in appearance or frequency

2. Chronic exhaustion or fatigue

3. Sudden weight loss

4. Trouble sleeping

5. Abdominal pain or cramping

6. Headaches

7. Anxiety or irritability

Parasites can be contagious and the parasitic eggs may be carried to surfaces including hands, toys, clothing and toilet seats and must be ingested to cause infection

Lally Naturals Parasite Cleanse is a complete worm and parasite cleansing and detox. It is recommended to take this formula for 10 days.

Parasite Cleanse contains a proprietary blend of natural herbs and nutrients that are formulated to kill and detox the body of parasites and their eggs.

Key Ingredients Include:

Papaya Fruit Powder – cleanses the intestinal track.

Black Walnut Hull Powder – may contain pigments that are toxic to parasites, and is considered one of foremost treatments for pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms and other intestinal parasites.

Pau D’Arco – contains chemicals that in lab tests, killed some bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites.

Wormwood – used for centuries to treat worms.

Butternut – used to expel intestinal worms, including tapeworm.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us, and we are confident you will like it, so we provide a 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, NO QUESTION ASKED!

Start on your path to Optimal Health Today and click the yellow “Add to Cart” Button.

Product Features

  • ★ MAXIMUM STRENGTH – Fights all three stages of parasite growth – eggs, larvae and adult parasites. Our Proprietary Blend of Anti-Parasitic Herbs and Nutrients has been shown to cleanse and detox the body of parasites and their eggs. You get effective and prompt results.
  • ★ SAFE & NATURAL – Easy to swallow capsules allow for a pleasant parasite cleansing process. All ingredients are natural, allowing for gentle and timely results in 10 days.
  • ★ PROUDLY MANUFACTURED IN USA – Lally Naturals Parasite Cleanse is proudly manufactured in USA and in a GMP Registered and FDA Inspected Facility.
  • ★ FEEL THE DIFFERENCE – We offer a No-Questions 100% 60-Day Money Back Warranty and Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your results, you will receive a full refund.
  • ★ KILLS AND REMOVES PARASITES NATURALLY – Our Natural Ingredients work synergistically to cleanse and detox parasites and worms from our body. Papaya cleanses the intestinal track. Called the super spice, Cloves helps to remove parasitic eggs. Wormwood, rich in antioxidants, kills parasites at the larval stage. Black Walnut is considered one of foremost treatments for pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms and other intestinal parasites. Our proprietary formula not only kills the parasites but also helps to reverse their ill effects.

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