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Avoid Mold

A huge part of what Dr. Clark teaches revolves around parasites and zappers… but what about mold?

Reading The Cure For All Diseases reveals a wealth of info on how mold affects health. If you have not yet downloaded it – please do – it’s free after all!

As we add articles on mold I’ll post the links here to make sure you do not miss them

Mold and Toxic Chemicals


Preventing Colds – No Mold


Prevent Mold – with 2 great videos you MUST watch!


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The best way to control mold growth is to control moisture.

Mold is a direct result of mositure – one of the best ways to avoid mold is to control the moisture or prevent it. Dry clothes throughly before storing or hanging in a closet. Prevent pipes from leaking. Ventilate areas prone to moisture.

If you can see the mold it is a really serious problem. If you can smell it you need to do some work fast!

Check out the US EPA Mold Page – it has a lot of info on avoiding mold.

A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home (FREE PDF)

Mold and Toxic Chemicals

While Dr. Hulda Clark is most often associated with parasites and zappers, the fact is mold and toxins are a huge part of what she bases her suggested treatments on.

Mold is ubiqitous. It is almost impossible to avoid it. That said we should make every effort to be mold free.

What is so important about molds?

Some of them produce very, very toxic chemicals wherever they grow.

They produce some of the most toxic chemicals known to exist.

Aflatoxin is one of these. My tests show it is always present in cancer patients; in other words it has built up due to the body’s inability to detoxify it in a reasonable time.

A great deal of research has been done on aflatoxin. Any library would have more information.

Aflatoxin reaches the liver and simply kills portions of it.
After a hefty dose the liver is weakened for a long time—
possibly years. Hepatitis and cirrhosis cases always reveal afla-
toxin. The liver fights hard to detoxify aflatoxin and manage its
own survival. It manages for 2 to 3 weeks; then a portion of it

So the toxic effects of a dose of aflatoxin aren’t even
noticeable for several weeks! And without a taste or smell to
guide you, how would you know to stop eating the moldy peanut
butter or spaghetti?

The answer is:
1. make and bake things for yourself
2. test the things you dearly love but can’t make
3. treat things that are treatable for molds
4. throw the rest out of your diet