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Reese’s Pinworm Medicine for Treatment of Pinworms Ages 2 and Up (1 Box Only)1 fl.oz

Pinworm is an intestinal infection caused by a tiny, white, highly contagious intestinal worm (Enterobius Vermicularis) that looks like a thread and measures about 1/2″ (1 cm) in length. It is the most common intestinal parasite in the United States and exists year-round, especially in warm, moist climates. Preschoolers and school-age children have the highest rates of infection. Other than mothers of infected children, adults are less likely to have pinworm infection. Childcare centers and other institutional settings frequently see cases of pinworm infection —- Pinworm infection is fully treatable. The best way to eliminate pinworms is to use an over-the-counter Pyrantel Pamoate-based medication such as Reese’s Pinworm Treatments. Reese’s products are highly effective for eliminating pinworms-usually with just one dose. Many major chains as well as independent pharmacies carry our product. Be sure to ask for it by name. Because pinworms are so contagious, all family members need to be treated at the same time. Several children can be easily treated with a single bottle of Reese’s Pinworm Medicine. If the household is large, or has two or more adults, more than one bottle may be required because dosages are based on each individual’s weight.

Product Features

  • For treatment of pinworms
  • Single Dose Effectiveness
  • Measuring Cup Included
  • Doctor Recommended
  • NOTE: Please read box or container for all warnings and directions

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CARA Pin-Away Pinworm Medicine, 2 Fluid Ounce

Pin-Away Pinworm Treatment gives single dose effectiveness for Pinworm. A tasty sugar-free caramel flavored liquid makes it suitable for kids. Measuring cup included.

Product Features

  • Pin-Away pinworm medicine quickly and easily eliminates pinworm infection
  • Single dose is effective; tasty sugar free caramel flavor
  • Full prescription strength; active ingredient is pyrantel pamoate
  • Treats ages 2 to adult
  • Measuring cup included

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Boiron Cina 30C, Homeopathic Medicine for Nervousness, Irritability and Sleeplessness in Children

Boiron was founded in 1932 in Lyon, France, by twin brothers and pharmacists Jean and Henri Boiron. As the world leader in homeopathic medicines, Boiron is a $852 million public company with 3,700 employees and distribution in 59 countries. It is best known for Oscillococcinum, a top-selling flu medicine, and its Arnicare line of pain relievers. For more than 80 years, Boiron has been committed to funding scientific research and educating the public and health care professionals on homeopathic medicines. As a pharmaceutical company, Boiron maintains the highest standards in manufacturing, complying with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations, the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States and drug Good Manufacturing Practices. The company partners with brokers, distributors and retail chains to make homeopathic medicines available to a wide variety of consumers and physicians. Boiron’s staff of 120+ consists of pharmacists and lab technicians, accounting and IT personnel, marketing & public relations staff, national sales force, customer service, and order fulfillment and shipping professionals—many of whom have impressively long careers with the company. Our mission is to stimulate the evolution of health care by promoting homeopathy as a compassionate, ecological and comprehensive approach to medicine. At Boiron, we believe there’s more than one way to feel better. Since 1932, the Boiron family has been committed to providing quality medicines. As world leader in homeopathy, our passion is your health. Our promise is your satisfaction. Watch our videos to find out more about Boiron USA.

Product Features

  • Homeopathic medicine that relieves Nervousness, Irritability and Sleeplessness in Children
  • Take at the First Sign of Symptoms
  • Non-Drowsy, no known side effects, no known drug interactions
  • This medicine uses highly diluted natural substances to relieve symptoms.
  • This medicine comes in quick-dissolving pellet form

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Cure for all diseases – Interview with Dr. Hulda Clark – Part 1 on Cure Help Health Tips

Cure for all diseases – Interview with Dr. Hulda Clark – Part 1

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5 Count Menstrual Pain Therapy Heat Wraps Chinese Chinese Medicine Herbal Wormwood Physiotherapy Warm Heat Posts Stomach Pain Relief (5-count)

Material:Non-woven,Chinese Medicine herbal wormwood powder.Tourmaline far-infrared heating powder.
Maximum temperature 125.6(℉) 52(℃)
Lasting time:10 hours
Content:5 Sheet one package.

How to use ?
1.Tear off the stickers
2.Put the Wormwood leaves powder towards skin
3.Press up sticker
4.After 5-10 mins you will feel the heat
5.Take off after 6-8 hours.

1.Pregnant women, skin ulceration, acute contusion period, bleeding disorders patient disabled.
2.External use.If you accidentally come into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention; If you are not careful eating pls immediately vomiting and seek medical attention
3.The minority person blistering after application warm patch, (known as “scar moxibustion”), It could be used to disinfect the needle prick, >release fluid, keep dry or smear anti-inflammatory creams can heal, the prognosis can continue to paste moxibustion. Conditioning effect is better

About Herben Worwood
Medicinal use
Wormwood leaves are gathered on a warm dry day in spring and summer when the plant is in flower and dried in the shade. In traditional Chinese
medicine, they are considered to have bitter, pungent and warm properties and to be associated with the liver, spleen and kidney meridians
From Wikipedia

Product Features

  • Natural Chines Herbal Worwood .This herb is considered to increase the blood supply to the pelvic region and stimulate menstruation, help treat infertility, dysmenorrhea, asthma and coughs.
  • Delivers continuous heat to the specific area of pain,abdomen, joints etc.
  • Dredges the channels and collaterals, invigorates the blood to remove extravasted blood
  • Consists of Non-woven, heat package posts, Chinese mugwort 3 layer.Chines mugwort could transfer heat to your skin and the heat could help promote the efficacy of wormwood.
  • Maximum temperature 125.6(℉) 52(℃);Lasting time:10 hours . Contains temperature control stickers,effectively avoid skin burns.

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BFlowerYan Pack of 6 Foot Reflexology Powder Foot Reflexology Chinese medicine foot bath powder kits cold blood (Wormwood)

Use 1-2 bag of foot powder with warm water everyday before you sleep that can improve blood circulation effectively.

Product Features

  • IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY Herbal foot powder helps to improve sleep quality and blood circulation.
  • PLENTY Quantity: 25 packs per box .
  • Package: 6 box

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6 Favors of Foot Reflexology Chinese medicine foot bath powder kits cold blood (Wormwood, Ginger, Saffron,Chinese Herbs, Yao Herbs, Genseng)

Each box contains 6.5gX 20packets; package includes 6 boxs of favors (Wormwood, Ginger, Saffron, Chinese Herb, Genseng, Yao Herbs)

Directions: 1. Take out 2 packets of foot bath powder dissolving into the water

2. Add appropriate amount of cold/warm water to enjoy the relaxing foot detox bath

For relieving Menstrual Pain: Wormwood, Ginger, Saffron

For recover and rejuvenate: Wormwood, Ginger, Yao Herbs

For relieving Eczema and Athlete’s foot: Genseng, Saffron, Yao Herbs

For slimming: Chinese Herbs, Yao Herbs

For Better Sleep: Chinese Herbs, Yao Herbs, Wormwood;

For Relieving stress: Genseng, Chinese Herbs, Yao Herbs

For Smoker/Drinker: Genseng, Yao Herbs, Saffron

Product Features

  • For relieving Menstrual Pain: Wormwood, Ginger, Saffron
  • For recover and rejuvenate: Wormwood, Ginger, Yao Herbs
  • For relieving Eczema and Athlete’s foot: Genseng, Saffron, Yao Herbs
  • For slimming: Chinese Herbs, Yao Herbs
  • For Better Sleep: Chinese Herbs, Yao Herbs, Wormwood; For Relieving stress: Genseng, Chinese Herbs, Yao Herbs

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Pure Moxa Rolls Chinese Wormwood 3 Years Moxa Columns for Moxibustion Handmade Mugwort Herb Medicine Therapy(48 pcs)

These moxa sticks provide uniform burning. They are for mild moxibustion and are made from pure, fine quality moxa.

Product Features

  • We only focus on real& pure moxa rolls for mild moxibustion
  • Traditional moxibustion bar for heat treatment
  • Quality moxa for acu-point moxa treatment
  • Three years purity 8:1 ratio
  • Use moxa rolls to warm the meridians, increase circulation, boost immunity

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Copper Portable Moxibustion Therapy Burner Box For Acupuncture Point Warming Moxa Cone Body Healthcare Detachable Carry On Band Wormwood Tank Instrument Chinese Medicine Device (4)

How to Use them:
1.Insert the lit mugwort into the top of tube, make sure it can move freely.
2.And cover moxibustion on the shelf.
3.A little hot without causing pain is the most desirable point.
4.Keep the moxibustion frame clean through blowing or flicking the ashes on it regularly.
5.After moxibustion, extinguish the burning moxa stick, but do not rinse with cold water.

Product Features

  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Note: Mugwort stick is not included !!
  • Packages:4 Copper boxes!

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Vintage Veterinary History Films DVD: 1942-1952 Veterinary Medicine & Disease Films w/ Chicken & Poultry Hatchery Video & Trichinosis Studies

Both these rare movies included on this one-of-a-kind DVD compilation are invaluable to those interested in animals, diseases and veterinary sciences. Warning: some of the footage is a bit graphic, but all in the name of science! Running time 41 minutes.


Trichinosis (1942) – 20 minutes running time

– Warning: this silent color film has some unpleasant images in it, but it’s all in the purpose of showing how trichinosis develops and how it spreads. If you don’t cook your pork throughly now, you will after watching this film!

Protecting Poultry Profits (1952) – 21 minutes running time

– Warning: this films has footage of sick chickens, including necropsy. It shows how chicken diseases can wipe out your chicken farms and lead to less money. It also shows how they treat the sick chickens.

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Dr Lorraine Day’s Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine CANCER DVD

“Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine: What Works, What Doesn’t and Why!”
“If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed when trying to understand the numerous alternative therapies available, you’re not alone. I felt the same frustration when I was dying from advanced cancer,” says Dr. Lorraine Day, “and I tried over 40 different alternative therapies myself, before I finally understood how to sort them all out and get well.”
Most books are just encyclopedias of dozens of different alternative therapies, but Dr. Day, from her agonizing, personal experience of trying to get well, leads you through the maze of alternative medicine, step by step, and shows you how to evaluate each of the over 60 therapies discussed on this video, including:

· Nutrition: Macrobiotic: Gerson, Ann Wigmore, Hallelujah Acres, High Protein, Eat for your type, Rotation diet, Dr. Johanna Budwig.
· Detoxification: Biological Dentistry, Enemas, Colonics, Saunas, Poultices, Hydrotherapy, Environmental Medicine.
· Herbal: Essiac, Taheebo, Hoxsey, Chaparral, Jason Winters.
· Adjunctive: Shark Cartilage, Orthomolecular, Supplements, Hulda Clark, Laetrile, Colloidal Minerals, Oxygen Therapies.
· Biological and Pharmacological: Chelation, Burzynski, 714 X, Hydrazine Sulfate, Homeopathy. Livingston.
· Energy Therapies: Magnets, Hyperthermia, Rife generator, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Acupressure.
· Hormonal and Cell Therapy: Melatonin, Growth Hormone, DHEA, Cell Therapy. · Mind-Body: Ayurvedic, Meditation, Visualization, God’s Health Plan.

Dr. Lorraine Day, an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author. For 15 years she was on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized worldwide as an AIDS expert.

Product Features

  • DVD

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1930 Ad Urodonal Arthritis Cure Disease Medicine Hands – Original Print Ad

This is an original 1930 black and white print ad for Urodonal, for arthristis and more. Cleanses the liver and kidneys, relaxes the arteries and prevents obesity.

Product Features

  • Product Type: Original Print Ad; Black / White
  • Grade: Near Mint / Very Fine
  • Dimensions: Approximately 11 x 15 inches; 28 x 38 cm
  • Authentication: Serial-Numbered Certificate of Authenticity w/ Full Provenance
  • Packaged in custom sleeve w/ archival black board (great for display, gift-giving, and preservation)

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