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The Cure For All Advanced Cancers (German language version: Heilung aller fortgeschrittenen krebsarten) (German Edition)

The cause of the malignancy is described in the earlier book, The Cure For All Cancers. But removing the malignancy left the tumors behind as they were, prior to the malignant development. Eliminating tumors became the focus of additional research, and is the subject of this book. The 21-Day Program described in this book does both. Once you win this battle, even advanced cancer can be cured.

The success rate for even advanced cancer is about 95%. So you can count on this method, not merely hope it will work for you. It is a total approach that not only shrinks tumors, but also normalizes your blood chemistry, lowers your cancer markers, and returns your health.

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Heilverfahren aller Krebsarten

This revolutionary book tells the cause of cancer and provides exact instructions for its cure. Dr. Clark was a government-sponsored research scientist whose private practice led her to the discovery of this remarkable, easy and inexpensive cure for cancer. Over 100 cases where cancer patients fully recovered help prove her theory and method. 2 cassettes.

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