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Calcium Bentonite Clay Detox Cleanse – Detox Powder for Weight Loss, Liver & Colon – Food Grade safe for daily internal use or a Healing Clay Face Mask – by Great American Clay (32)


Optimum Health and Wellness – A Daily Detox!
Feel sluggish, bloated, or exhausted? Tired of being tired? Not losing weight fast enough? Struggling with constipation? This Calcium Bentonite Clay powder is the secret to boosting energy levels and improving mood. It relieves constipation, reduces bloating and gas, and helps flush bowel toxins. After two weeks, customers reported flatter stomachs, improved concentration and focus, and a boost in weight loss.

Perfect for:
Colon cleanse, weight loss cleanse, liver detox

Easy and Safe Detox For Increased Energy Levels
– Helps you function at Peak Levels: Resets your system as the clay’s negatively charged ions capture positively charged toxins, flushing them from your body.
– Improves how you Look & Feel: Powerfully attracts & absorbs toxins, impurities, chemicals, and heavy metals.
– Stimulates and Energizes your body: Increases blood flow, oxygen, and circulation.

Flawless Complexion – A Beauty Essential! 
-Is your skin excessively oily? Do you suffer from dull skin? Rough texture? Need to minimize visible pores or reduce redness? Want to clear up acne, pimples, blemishes or blackheads? Diminishes appearance of pores and wrinkles. Skin tightening facial mask refines your skin for smooth, supple, younger looking skin that glows from within. Restore radiance and soothe irritated skin.

What makes our calcium bentonite clay different from others? It’s the finest quality out there. Milled to a 400 screen mesh for a creamy smooth texture, has a pH of 9.7, and has a powerful 37-1 toxin removal ratio! It truly is unparalleled. No other clay can say the same! 

– Removes 10X more toxins than other clays
– Detoxes, Alkalizes, Energizes, Cleanses, & Balances your Body
– Beautifies, Rejuvenates and Heals your Skin

Product Features

  • ✔️ REMOVES 10X MORE toxins than all other brands! Powerful and Potent. Highest Premium 100% Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay FDA-Approved GRAS that is MADE IN THE USA
  • ✔️ DETOXIFIES CLEANSES: Increases your well-being when used as a detox cleanse. Effective natural liver detox colon cleanse and cleanse for weight loss. Use daily for optimum health benefits. Reset your system and turn back the clock!
  • ✔️ PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS: Optimizes digestion and improves nutrient absorption contributing to weight loss. Our FDA approved GRAS bentonite clay is safe for daily internal use.
  • ✔️ PURIFIES SKIN: Draws out impurities and reduces when used as a face mask or detox bath. This anti-aging skincare treatment addresses all common skin concerns: Oily Acne Rough Texture Redness. Your skin will radiate health!

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Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Wormwood – 8oz – 100% Natural, Made in Morocco – Clay Mask for Hair, Face and Body.

Aisha Oil Rhassoul Clay, is the epitome of luxurious detoxifying clays, our gift to you from deep below the Atlas Mountains. Loaded with essential nutrients and minerals, our clay is known to extract blackheads, shrink pores, clarify skin tone and elasticity, as well as remove toxins and create perfect shine to your hair. It is known to be superior to other clays because of its high mineral content, and its most significant benefits are in its absorption properties and its effect on the transfer of ions within the body. Our sustainable mining process involves collecting the clay in clumps before washing and putting it out in the sun to dry. The dried clay is then further refined and made into a fine powder. Because of our luxurious Rhassoul Clay powder, you can really treat your skin without ever having to leave home. Aisha Oil Rhassoul Clay is extremely versatile, suited to a range of personal uses. It has been used as a luxury spa treatment all over the world, and is the perfect addition to your own beauty regimen at home. It is now commonly used in Turkish baths as a luxury experience. Similar to a mud wrap, this clay has all the right elements to leave you with smooth, clear, younger-looking skin. Why do I Want It? Aisha Oil Rhassoul Clay is loaded with benefits due to the high quantities of minerals it contains. Listed among the minerals are silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and iron. So what exactly can these minerals do for your body? Silica, a little-known element, helps to strengthen collagen stores in both the skin and bones. Exposure to this mineral will leave you with strong, healthy bones that are resistant to breakage and osteoporosis, and skin that has that ‘plump’ and healthy look. Silica is abundant in the body already, but we do need to supplement it through our diet and what we put on our skin. Using our Rhassoul Clay is an excellent way to do this.

Product Features

  • How do I use it? Our Rhassoul Clay is extremely versatile, and can be used as a mud mask, soap, blemish treatment or hair shampoo. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to use Rhassoul Clay:
  • 1. Perfect as a mud mask for either the face or body, simply use a small amount of water to make our Rhassoul Clay into a smooth paste. Apply to the face (or body, if desired) and allow it to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it off in the shower. This experience can be enhanced by using aloe vera or an herbal infusion instead of water.
  • 2. As a soap, our Rhassoul Clay is easy to use! Simply mix with water and use it in place of soap. Add it to your bath water, rub over the body as you wash in the shower, or use it on your hands.
  • 3. As a blemish treatment – We all have those problem areas on our skin which we wish to eliminate. Our Rhassoul Clay is perfect for this! Simply make a small amount of paste with Witch Hazel, and apply to the affected area. Leave it on for about ten minutes before rinsing it off under a tap. The Rhassoul clay will draw out the toxins, resulting in soft, clear skin where there may once have been acne or some other skin problem.
  • 4. As a hair conditioner – Aisha Oil Rhassoul Clay has been used for centuries to restore shine and volume to hair. It has been known to reduce split ends and frizz, as well as improve the softness of your hair due to the rich mineral content it contains. To use it as a hair conditioner, you mix a paste slightly thinner than you would for a skin treatment, and gently massage it through the hair. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave it on for at least five minutes, but up to an hour, before rinsing it off in the shower. If you like, you may even prefer to substitute water with Argan Oil or similar, in order to add extra shine. Limit use on your hair to only once per week.

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Introducing Revolutionary Product: A Luxury Anti Aging Treatment Formula, Organic Vitamin C Serum 20% + Hyaluronic Acid. For Men and Women, One Life Vest Promises You’ll Look Brighter and Feel Stronger in Just Weeks. Anti Aging Skin Care – Face Serum – Antioxidant Serum. Dark Spot, Fine Lines and Wrinkles Removal. Safe to be used under the eyes.

New Protection Against Aging, An Intensive Supercharged Serum – One Lifevest, a Beverly Hills beauty secret created as an organic alternative to plastic surgery, botox and laser treatment is now offered exclusively to you online – Our clients have witnessed skin problems such as fine lines, discoloration or uneven skin tone reduced visibly within three weeks of use – Daily long-term use provides optimal results. Our high quality Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid serum uses only the highest natural and organic ingredients.Our serum contains Hyaluronic Acid which has been proven to reverse signs of aging. We have infused Vitamin C to increase the production of collagen on your face, returning elasticity to the skin. Vitamin C also acts as a powerful antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals, leaving skin firm and glowing. You skin tone will even out and reduce sagginess under your eyes. Unlike cream, serum penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin, guaranteeing a permanent solution to your problematic skin. The fountain of youth is finally here. Our Green CommitmentOur packaging is made from biodegradable materials and 10% of our profits go to environmental non-profits. Our Product Works – We Guarantee It.We are positive that you will love our product. We are so confident we will provide 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any. Important Information This unbelievable price is only offered for a limited time. Start Enjoying Younger and Healthier Skin Right AwayEnjoy the benefits of this potent supercharged anti-aging serum and get ready to receive compliments from friends and family on your new glowing skin! Add One Lifevest to your shopping cart so your order can be shipped as soon as possible.

Product Features

  • INNOVATIVE: Our serum borrows from the latest ground breaking science into skin health, bringing you the most informed anti-aging product on the market
  • LONG-LASTING BENEFITS: Our serum has been tested thoroughly and has been proven to reduce wrinkles, smooth over puffiness, and neutralize free radicals.
  • UNIQUE MIXTURE: We pair both Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, combined with strong anti-oxidants, to create an intensive, super-charged serum specially designed for your face and neck that isn’t available with most mainstream beauty companies
  • FAST-ACTING, EASY USE: Our serum just takes five minutes to use! We’ve designed our products so that they merge seamlessly with your personal health routine.Our serum is packaged in an aluminum bottle ensuring maximum protection from sunlight, an assurance amber or plastic bottles can’t deliver. Our revolutionary bottle and convenient pump provides no compromises or oxidization to the serum thereby allowing you to enjoy the benefits of every last drop.
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Manufactured in the US at an FDA-approved laboratory, our ingredients are completely organic and natural. All of our products are paraben-, oil-, alcohol- and fragrance-free and never tested on animals.

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