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ENEMA BAG Kit clear disposable travel colon cleanse 1500mL (1-bag)

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Sealed kit includes 1500 ml bag, pre-lubricated tip, 54 tube rounded, tubing clamp, leak proof pad, soap packet (latex free), instructions on packet, and our information sheet.

Description on bag is “one use, disposable,” or, it’s your choice to get several usages.

Use with our Organic Coffee Grinds for healing, colon cleanse, liver/gallbladder/kidney strenghtening, complete detox and cleansing.

Never use enema bag when there is rectal bleeding.

Consult natural health doctor and healthcare specialist who supports your holistic approach.

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Product Features

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  • For health, personal pleasure, or doctor recommended program.
  • Clear bag, sanitary, disposable.
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