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Total Cleanse KIT By Genesis Today – Dr. Duncan’s 2 Part Formula Natural Herbal Colon Liver Body Cleansing Detox Program ~ 120 Total Caps

Total Cleanse is a two-part whole body and intestinal cleanser with a blend of over 30 herbs selected to support detoxification of the seven channels of elimination, including the skin, lymph, liver, kidney, colon, lungs and blood.* Total Cleanse Part 1 is a Whole Body Cleanser that supports the detoxification of the organs, cells, tissues and blood with a proprietary plant-based blend, including alfalfa leaf, dandelion root and milk thistle seed extract.* Total Cleanse Part 2 is an Intestinal Cleanser blend of herbs and fibers, including fennel seed and slippery elm bark, that supports intestinal cleansing and elimination.* This special combination of plant-based formulas also supports the overall health of the intestinal tract and digestive system with soothing ingredients, including burdock root, hawthorn berry, fenugreek, mullein, yarrow and more.*

Product Features

  • Supports cleansing and detoxification*
  • Supports regularity*
  • Over 30 plant-based ingredients in Two-part cleansing program

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