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Korea Dong Bang Smokeless Natural Black Mugwort Wormwood Sticks Mini on Roll Pipe 200PCS DB208A Gu Gwan with 1 Hole 5 Hole Plate Burner (1Pack)

[ Descriptions]

– 200PCS per pack
– Size: 2.5cm * 0.6cm (Diameter)
– Use with plate holder (1 / 5 holes)

[ How to Use]

1) Place the wormwood stick on the plate
2) Check it extinguished completely
3) Remove it using tweezers

[ Plate Holder ]

** 1 hole **

Internal Diameter: 0.7cm (0.275″)
Diameter: 3.5cm (1.37″)
Height: 1.2cm (0.47″)
* Use for narrow spot such as fingers or toe

**5 hole**

– Size:
-Internal Diameter: 0.7cm (0.275″)
-Diameter: 5.5cm (1.37″)
:** Flat**
: Bottom is flat.


– Place the pipe mugwort on the plate.
Usually place 5 mugworts on the plate, but put 3 or 1 mugwort if you feel hot.

[ Notion]

– Do not use on the face, soft skin, or other sensitive body parts.
– Do not use on pregnant women or people who are unable to detect the sensations of heat or pain. .
– Do not leave in one place for an extended period of time.
– If the heat becomes uncomfortable, remove immediately.
– Be cautious when touching the mugwort
-Keep mugwort out of reach of children.
– DO NOT fall asleep during use.
– The user/purchaser accepts full responsibility for any accidents caused by improper use of the product.

Product Features

  • -200PCS per pack – Use with 1 hole / 5 hole plate

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