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470183-542 – Common Trematodes Slide Set – Common Trematodes Slide Set – Kit of 1

” Ten Most Common Trematode Parasites of Vertebrates -Identifying features clearly distinguishable -Rigorous quality control standards All are prepared as wholemounts. Set includes Clonorchis sinensis -Echinostoma trivolvis -Fasciolopsis buski -Fasciola hepatica -Gastrothylax elongatus -Heterophyes heterophyes -Paragonimus westermani -Schistosoma haematobium, female -Schistosoma japonicum, male -Schistosoma mansoni, male.”

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The Cure for All Cancers: Including Over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured (Paperback) – Common

We are not accustomed to thinking about a cure for cancer. We think of remission as the only possibility. But this book is not about remission. It is about a cure. This is possible because in 1990 Dr. Clark discovered the true cause of cancer. The cause is a certain parasite, for which I have found evidence in every cancer case regardless of the type of cancer. So lung cancer is not caused by smoking, colon cancer is not caused by a low roughage diet, breast cancer is not caused by a fatty diet, retinal blastoma is not caused b y a rare gene, and pancreatic cancer is not caused by alcohol consumption. Although these are all contributing factors, they are not THE cause. Once the true cause was found the cure became obvious. but would it work? I set a goal of 100 cases to be cured of cancer before publishing my findings. That mark was passed in December, 1992. the discovery of the cause and cure of all cancers has stood the test of time and here it is!

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