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Chinese Herb Wormwood Baby Soap with Baby Lotion 3.5oz Cold-Processed Natural Organic Bar Soap


Item NO. NF171510
Product Name: Wormwood Soap Normal Pack
Net Weight: 3.5 ± 0.2 ounces
Usages: bath soap
Benefits: mosquito repellent, heat rash treatment
Highlights: Chinese Herb Functional Soap
People: babies, children, kids, teens, etc.

Product Details
– Contains ⅓ baby lotion designed to leave skin soft and smooth without stripping natural moisture
– A better insect repellent effective, yet safe enough to chase away mosquitos and other biting insects
– All natural, patented formulation can help to soothe and calm the prickly heat rash naturally
– Specifically formulated with effective odor and wetness protection, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria
– Relieves 5 symptoms of eczema: itch, dryness, scaling / peeling, roughness, redness / irritation
– Dermatologist and pediatrician tested, specially formulated with organic wormwood extract to soothe sensitive and irritated skin

Proven Results
Use 10-30 minutes daily to accompany your babies and children to take a bath, letting you enjoy every happy, messy, exhausting and amazing moment of life with your babies and children while keeping them dry, clean and comforable for at least 8 hours.  

Suitable for all kinds of heat rash (prickly heat), diaper rash, itching, eczema, scratching, sweat blisters, children skin redness, dried, flaky, etc.

2-3 times a day, or increase the frequency of use based on individual needs or occasions, each soap in an amount of about 1 month for an adult, ideal for continuous use of over 3 pieces of the same product.

Key Functional Ingredient
Wormwood: also known as “medical grass”, with its gentle safe medicinal value, it has been widely used in the pediatric field.

Product Features

  • The leading Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) handmade soap brand and the Very Easy-to-Use Functional & Effective Handmade & Handcrafted Soap especially can be expected to the better results to care for your Skin & Body Intractable & Pathological problems while works better for cleaning & Skincare (*based on a large number of Lab Tests and Customer Experience)
  • 100% COLD PROCESSED SOAP MAKING TECHNOLOGY each soap bar extra Contains Up to 25% Glycerin Moisturizing Essence and More Skin Care Nutrients Saved Inside compared with other types of soap bar, after washing and cleansing your skin would make significant and visible changes in the skin texture, complexion, touch, and feel, leaving your skin hydrated, smooth, and refreshing
  • Contains about 10% high concentration of Chinese Herbs skin care ingredients active, a better Cleaning Treatment in Skincare Product formulations, ingredients, quality and performance Standards with classic Chinese style for packaging, Free Spice & Pigment & Preservative & Hormone, All Natural, Weakly Acidic (closer to the PH value of human’s skin), Allergy Tested
  • We would insist on standing for the long-term use of NANHOU’s handmade soaps to get the best experience and effects for Skin & Body treatments, because the Traditional Chinese Medicine in the world has always been considered to be a more gentle, safe, healthy, efficient and sustainable PHYTOTHERAPY
  • All raw materials of NANHOU’s branded handmade soaps are directly derived from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) prescriptions which had ever been used by Chinese people to improve health and disease for thousands of years long and made with the all-natural organic Chinese Herbs recommended by OLD HERBALIST DOCTORS passing a series of MATERIAL SAFETY APPROVALS already completely according to the strict standards of FDA proven to be genuinely beneficial to the human’s Skin & Body Health

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