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Organic Wormwood and Irish Breakfast Herbal Tea Bags (25 pack – unbleached)

Combining organic wormwood Artemisia absinthium with a combination of Assam and Kenyan black teas Camellia sinensis to create a delicious infusion. Our natural, bleach-free tea bags are presented in heat sealed, black Kraft paper packaging, complete with a ‘tin tie’ to seal in their freshness. Brewing Suggestions: Use 1 tea bag per cup and infuse for 5 – 7 minutes, or to individual taste, using freshly boiled water. Can be enjoyed with or without milk and sugar.

Product Features

  • 100% pure herbs – No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Organically grown wormwood – GMO-free
  • Premium base tea blend from India and Kenya
  • Bleach-free filter paper – 2g per bag
  • Packaged in a heat sealed, eco-friendly, recyclable Kraft paper bag – Shipped from the UK

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YAXXO Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings – For Breakfast (4-pack)

Imagine the ability to make perfect eggs-benedict, round fluffy pancakes, scrambled egg patties, hamburger patties, desserts, breakfast sandwiches and a whole lot more. These versatile silicone egg and pancake rings give you the power to cook any number of delicious and fresh meals for your family. The four rings have high grade stainless steel handles that can be lowered for covering. The premium quality silicone is BPA and phthalate free, they’re non-sticking, won’t melt or burn and meet FDA standards. They can be used for the skillet, griddle or BBQ with a stay cool handle for easy removal from the heat. They are so non-stick, you don’t need to clean them between pancakes and final cleanup is a breeze. Get yours today and start having fun in the kitchen again.

Product Features

  • This non-stick, heat resistant and versatile cookware makes morning meals your family will love.
  • Skip the toaster pastries and frozen waffles and make fresh and healthy meals every day.
  • Imagine perfect eggs-benedict on fresh baked english muffins, one of many gourmet items you can make.
  • Dairy foods, baked foods and delicious vegetable omelette treats – there’s no end to the combinations.
  • BPA, lead and phthalate free silicone that’s easy to clean. Has handle that can fold down for covered cooking.

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