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What Exactly is a Zapper?

If you are a follower of Dr. Hulda Clark you have surely run into the term zapping.

Zapping is done with the aid of a zapper .

Snap 2016-05-02, 14_57_46Dr. Hulda Clark firmly believed that her 30 kHz frequency generator with copper handles helped in the treatment of many diseases, particularly those with parasites involved.

Do zappers work? Or don’t they?

There is no definitive proof at this point in time, however there are a lot of people who use them and wouldn’t give them up for anything.

You decide.

There is also a school of thought based on Robert C. Beck and his research on electricty and health. There is a Build Your Own Bob Beck Blood Electrification Unit

Look and decide for yourself.

Which zapper is the best?

Well that’s a tough one because once again we don’t have a lot of factual information that has proven one is more effective in treating diseases than another.

So you will have to read up and decide if you favor one over the other before you make a purchase.

Should you buy a zapper?

Well that is a tough question for anyone other than yourself to answer.

Do you feel there is merit to the claims made by Dr. Hulda Clark and others? If so it might just be worth a try.

Certainly anything you can do to rid yourself of parasites would be a step in the right direction.

Wormwood and the other suggested herbs that Dr. Clark believes will help rid you of parasites should be considered if you have serious health issues that are most likely caused by parasites.

You decide.