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ENTEROSGEL Toxin Binding Gel for Cleansing the Gut 225g

Enterosgel works like a “clever sponge”; it selectively binds harmful substances in the body.This is explained by its porous structure and molecular features. The pores only absorb medium-sized molecules in the gut – such as alkaloids, toxins and harmful bacteria – without affecting substances that are beneficial to the body – such as calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Product Features

  • Total body detox based on organic silica
  • Helps to prevent toxic and allergic reactions, traveller’s diarrhoea, hangovers, reduces toxic load on liver and kidney
  • Used in adults and children in the condition of acute or chronic diarrhoea of any cause (bacterial, viral, retroviral, food poisoning)
  • Free from sugar, sweeteners, gluten, lactose, fat, colour, flavour, preservatives

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