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Dr. Clark Adrenal Formula – Adrenal Supplement to reduce fatigue and stress – 545mg 100 capsules

The adrenal glands play a highly important role in maintaining good health. Big responsibility for such small organs – about the size of the top portion of your thumb. The adrenals are responsible for making hormones that are a necessity to keep everyday functions in check, including metabolism and reproduction. If the adrenal glands are producing more or less hormones than the body requires, illnesses are likely to creep up on you. Keeping the adrenals functioning at optimum levels helps to regulate mental and physical wellbeing. Properly working adrenals help the body maintain balance during times of stress, which is a major factor to poorly functioning immune, nervous and inflammatory responses. Optimize adrenal function with complementary nutrients. The B vitamins support normal adrenal function and repair but also support metabolism and energy production.* Vitamin B5 in particular is especially important in fighting adrenal fatigue. B5 helps to regulate adrenal gland receptor response, making sure they are not overly responsive. B5 also helps to produce coenzyme A, which takes part in energy metabolism – a must in terms of reducing adrenal fatigue.* Vitamin C is a necessary component of catecholamine synthesis – this includes the hormones epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine and dopamine. Vitamin C also takes part in the synthesis of testosterone, cortisol and aldosterone. Additionally, vitamin C helps to lower levels of the stress-related hormones cortisol and epinephrine when the body is under duress from physical and mental stress.*

Product Features

  • Helps to reduce adrenal fatigue*
  • Aids the body’s response to stress*
  • Adrenal formula
  • Supplement for adrenals
  • Anti fatigue formula

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