Sleep Mask Sleepfun Invisible Alar Deep Orbit 3D Eye Mask Ultra Lightweight and Comfortable Sleeping Mask for Travel, Nap, Shift Works, Black

Who is Sleepfun?
It is a considerate seller dedicated to making you enjoy a deep sleep without disturbing light or discomfort! The Sleepfun sleep mask with the new invisible alar and deep orbit design is brilliant way to reduce pressure on your face and set your eyelashes extension free.

How is it?
3D technology : We use state of the art 3D tech to precisely tune sizes, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Our special shape eye cavities let you blink freely and not smudge your makeup, even when taking a nap at work.When you use it, you will never have to worry about looking anything other than your best!
Great Binding : We use precision CNC lathes for smooth edges and firm joints.
Elastic Headband : Sleepfun sleep masks are soft and plush, with comfortable bands. Unlike other sleep masks, Sleepfun masks will not cause pain or discomfort.
Velcro : Sleepfun Sleep masks use a high viscosity velcro to keep the mask securely in place. The velcro is extra long, up to 20 cm longer than others, to fit anyone, both children and adults.

What will you get ?
1x Sleepfun Soft Eye Mask, Black

Suggestions : Sleepfun eye masks are made with high quality fabric that can be washed repeatedly without deforming or colors mixing.
We suggest washing the eye mask before the first use.
Hand Wash: Avoid wringing.
Machine Wash: Use a laundry bag to help avoid deformation.

Product Features

  • Our Sleep Mask contains low rebound memory foam and elastic polyester, for its fit and comfort!
  • Our Sleep Mask has a 9cm range adjustable velcro design which could adjust to 20cm without hooking your hair.
  • Weighs 0.88oz to reduce pressure on the face, 3D Designed eye cavities let you blink freely and not smudge makeup.
  • Invisible nose alar has been added to better provide comfort and almost total darkness, while old masks cannot.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great product, price, and customer service! This is the best bang for your buck if you’re looking for a sleep mask. I purchased this set for myself and my husband because we are traveling abroad and need to avoid jet lag. They are exactly the right size. They don’t cover too much of my face so they’re very cool and comfortable. The 3D design make them better than other masks because my eyes don’t feel itchy when I wear it. They completely block out any light. The price is excellent, you get two in the package. They also come with a…

  2. Anonymous

    Soft, Comfortable, and Effective. First of call, the added 3-D shape of these is amazing. I’m not a huge fan of eye masks that push against my eyes and give me a headache because they’re pushing on my eyeballs! These don’t do that! Hooray! They are also very soft and comfortable. There’s an elastic band with velcro ends so they can be adjusted to fit nearly every size head. There’s two in a pack, and that’s good because my kids have already stolen one of them, although I doubt they’ll actually use it for sleeping…