Secret Thoughts: A Medical Thriller

Something is rotten in Seattle, where seven innocent people are dead from tainted cold medicine and some of the country’s wealthiest CEOs are suffering from corporate espionage on a unprecedented scale. Dr. Paul Powers search for the truth turns him into the prime suspect and an international fugitive desperate to clear his name. But how do you catch a killer who knows exactly what you’re thinking? H. S. Clark takes the reader on a wild ride along the cutting edge of medical technology and into the dark side of digital medicine.

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  1. Anonymous

    Delightful Read! This is my second H.S. Clark novel, and I can now say I’m a fan for life.Another fantastic medical thriller that blew my mind.Paul Powers is such a kickass character. The author does an excellent job with his development. It was a delight to be in his head. Intelligent, focused, driven to uncover the truth, yet he’s not without flaws, which makes him even more relatable.Something is rotten in Seattle all right, and now Powers’ life is suddenly topsy turvy when he’s…

  2. Anonymous

    Medical details and insider scenarios that only a real doctor can know I was wondering if I should read Clark’s first book after already having read “Immortal Fear”, the second book in the Dr. Powers series, and I’m glad I did. While both books are medical thrillers with anesthesiologist Dr. Powers as the main character, they can be read independently without one spoiling the other. Just as “Immortal Fear”, “Secret Thoughts” has all the necessary elements of a gripping and captivating thriller, the medical details and insider scenarios that…