REN Flash Defence Anti-pollution Mist, 2.02 Fluid Ounce

A fine mist that instantly forms an invisible protective barrier to shield skin from the ageing effects of pollution. Bio saccharide Gum-4 from Corn Sugar and Yeast extract forms an invisible non-sticky, protective, breathable barrier that acts like a ‘second skin’ to shield skin from the major pollutants in the environment and free radical formation. Quercetin from Sop hora Japonica Flowers supports your skin’s own protection system. Boosts antioxidant activity. Zinc & Manganese Amino Acids from Wakame Seaweed from South of France actively targets and neutralizes urban pollution particles. Alfa-GLucan from Yeast fermentation detoxifies by helping the skin eject damaged cells.

Product Features

  • This mist a fast-absorbing, lightweight formula to instantly defend against free radical damage and environmental aggressors
  • Suitable for all skin types

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