REDQIN Chinese Medicine Herb foot bath powder kits for Foot Reflexology cold blood mugwort wormwood (6x)

Good for sleep
Each box of 20 packets, each packet of 6 grams.
100% From Natural
Comfortable and easy to use
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Product Features

  • IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY Herbal foot powder helps to improve sleep quality and blood circulation.
  • PLENTY Quantity: 20 packs per box.
  • Nature&True–made of nature herb plants, dry and manual selected,keep herbs original stem,leaf or flower,no add any chemical material.Enjoy traditional Chinese medical herb foot unsure powders.
  • Herb Health Care–dispel cold and promote blood circulation to warm your body in winter. Relax and help for a good sleeping. Improve foot odor. If long term insist on herb foot bath, can relieve joint pain and prevent&treat colds
  • Usage–put herb bag into boiled water to soak or boil it 10 mins,.when the water temperature goes about 40-45 degree, start take foot bath.each time foot bath about 20 mins.

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