Prepared Parasitology Microscope Slide Set, Excellent 30pcs Slides Resource for Instruction at The College Level

Product Description
◆ The microscope slides in this set are hand-prepared by experts, providing you with specimens that are carefully sliced, dyed, and arranged on the slide to give you an optimum view.
◆ We work directly with the factory, so you’ll save a significant amount off the normal retail value.
◆ Prepared parasitology microscope slides set include:
1, Ascaris eggs w.m.
2, Ascaris ( female ) c.s.
3, Ascaris ( Male) c.s.
4, Rabbit liver infected by schistosoma sec.
5, lung infected by schistosoma sec.
6, Fasciolopsis buski c.s.
7, Tapeworm eggs w.m.
8, Tapeworm proglottids w.m.
9, Tapeworm sec.
10,Tapeworm proglottids pregnant sec.
11,Cysticercus w.m.
12,liver fluke w.m.
13,Schistosoma eggs w.m.
14,Schistosoma female w.m.
15,Schistosoma male w.m.
16,Schistosoma ( female and male copulating ) w.m.
17,Schistosoma miracidium w.m.
18,Schistosoma cercaria w.m.
19,Culex (male) w.m.
20,Culex (female) w.m.
21,Female Culex (mouthparts) w.m.
22,Culex eggs w.m.
23,Culex pupa w.m.
24,Larva Culex w.m.
25,Amoeba proteus w.m.
26,Rat liver infected by schistosoma sec.
27,Clonorchis sinensis sec.
28,Hirudo nipponia sec.
29,Amoeba cyst w.m.
30,Hirudo nipponia w.m.
◆ We also supply the following types of prepared microscope slides for biology science education and provide customized services. (Human Histopathology – Zoology – Botany – Histology & Embryology – Microbiology – Others)

After-Sale Service
Everything is important about kids’ science education.
For your better product experience, we offer 60 days no reason to refund or replace the service even if the outer packaging or product is damaged during transportation to ensure your satisfaction.

Product Features

  • 【Parasite microscope slides set】- This set of 30 prepared slides is designed specifically for students to explore Parasitology
  • 【Easy to see samples】 – Optical glass material slides, suitable for any microscope
  • 【Friendly prepared slides set】- Round corner, prevent cuts, pre-cleaned and safe
  • 【Anti-Fall packaging】 – Well-labled and protected against dampness moisture, shock and breakage
  • 【No risk purchase】 – We offer 100% risk free and money back guarantee. Feel free to contact us if there is any issue with our prepared slides

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