Planetary Herbals Stone Free 820mg, Herbal Support for Kidney and Gallbladder, 270 tablets

Planetary Herbals Stone Free is a unique combination with dandelion root and turmeric root.

Product Features

  • This comprehensive formula aids normal fluid elimination and may assist with the body’s natural cleansing processes.
  • Primarily detoxifying botanicals, the herbs in Stone Free act to flush, cleanse and detoxify.
  • Parsley root and marshmallow root have been used to aid normal fluid elimination and general genitourinary health.
  • Healthy kidney function involves the filtration of waste products (including various minerals) from the blood, and the excretion of liquid waste through the urine.
  • Stone Free is a unique blend of turmeric root, coin-leaf desmodium, lysimachia, dandelion root extract, ginger root, lemon balm leaf, marshmallow root, parsley root, dandelion root, and licorice root.

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  1. Anonymous

    Excellent herbal compound 2 years ago I had pain in my gall bladder. I fasted, had an ultrasound, and no stones were found. I still had pain. I found this supplement and used it as directed and cut out almost all fat from diet. In one year, there was no pain. I added a little fat back to my diet and stopped taking the herbs. Now when I feel a tinge, usually after eating a little more cheese then I should, I resume herbs and soothe my gall bladder. I think my little dog standing on my gall bladder is the root of the…

  2. Anonymous

    These Work Really Well I started having gallbladder problems but an ultrasound showed no stones. I got to where I was afraid to eat anything because I didn’t know what was going to cause pain or make me throw up. I got these vitamins initially at Whole Foods and started taking them and my symptoms went away. I think my gallbladder is not functioning well but hasn’t yet gone critical. These vitamins make my symptoms go away. If I stop taking them, the symptoms eventually return. They also seem to give me a little more…