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  1. Dan

    Not as bad as some claim it to be This is exactly what you want out of a B-movie: the plot and acting isn’t too bad (actually, it’s fine), the gore is abundant and solid quality, and the creature effects transcend the low budget. Oh, and it’s got LOADS of action and effects scenes providing excellent pacing.IMDB synopsis: “Paul Dean (Robert Glaudini; Wavelength, The Alchemist) has created a deadly parasite that is now attached to his stomach. He and his female companion, Patricia Welles (Demi Moore; Bunraku, Ghost,…

  2. Anonymous

    Parasite is not exactly an Alien rip off as most people claim it to be. I find it annoying how every movie about a monster with a large head or one that inhabits the insides of human is labeled a rip off of Ridley Scott’s Alien. Maybe it’s inspired by it, but not a full blown rip off. Sure its got similarities but for the most part it’s got some originality.PLOT: In the future, America is run by an organization called Merchants. In order to keep citizens in check, a scientist is…