OUZ123 Chinese Herbal Wormwood Mat Homeuse Ai Jiu Zuo Dian 艾灸坐垫 2 Pcs

¤Warm Notes:

1.The outside cover of the moxibustion cushion is washable. But you’d better wash
it separately from other clothes. Moxa filling do not support to wash.
坐垫外套可清洗,请与其他衣服分开洗涤,艾绒内芯不可清洗。 2.Pregnant women and patients who with severe heart disease, skin inflammation,
redness, hypersensitivity and postoperative wound un-recovery
SHOULD NOT use this moxa cushions.
3.Storage method: Please put the seat cushion in a cool, ventilated and dry place.
4.The color exhibited in computer may has slight difference with the real item because of
the different computer displayer, your kind understanding will be deeply appreciated 🙂
5.The real item may not look as large as the picture shows, please kindly noted 🙂
6.Any issues on this product please contact us first, we will try our best to serve for you 🙂


Product Features

  • 1.WHAT IS MOXIBUSTION–It’s the moxibution method in traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy, which is the heat from the moxibustion material to stimulate the surface acupoints or specific parts of the body and adjusts the physiological and biochemical functions of the human body in disorder, thus achieving the purpose of preventing and curing diseases.
  • 2.EFFICACY–Moxa cushion combines the principle of ancient moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the theory of “internal diseases and external treatment” of traditional Chinese medicine, the efficacy can be absorbed through skin pores and be helpful to health. Using for body adjustment, constipation hemorrhoids treatment, deficiency-cold prevention, etc.
  • 3.APPERANCE & TEXTURE–The size of Moxibustion Mat is 42*42cm/16.53″*16.53″, fits for most people. The exterior of the linen fabric is decorated with delicate embroidery, elegant and beautiful. The pillowcase with invisible zipper is made of linen, comfortable and breathable. The pillow core is full with old moxa, and the good sewing techniques make the moxa not to pile up and distribute evenly. The pillow core is removable for easy cleaning.
  • 4.SUITABLE CROWDS–Perfect for people who stay up late, sitting for long time, gong han, menstrual disorders, long-distance driving.
  • 5.APPLICATION METHOD–Put the moxibustion pad on the seat or chair and sit on it. Or cover on the abdomen, knees, back, etc.将艾绒坐垫放置于座椅上,坐于坐垫上;或覆盖于腹部、膝盖、背部等部位都可行。

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