OUTXPRO Electronic Insect Killer Mosquito Bug Zapper LED Solar Powered Garden Lamp Kills Insects and Works Just As a Latern 2 in 1 (Switch) – 8-10 Hours Pest Control When Fully Charged

LED Solar Power Garden Pest Killer/Repeller and Bug Zapper With Lamp Function (Switch)

If you’re going to light your yard, you might as well kill bugs at the same time–the Mosquito Solar Trap Lamp does both. Stop your family, guests and children from getting bitten and irritated by nasty and unsanitary bugs. This ingenious insect killer and bug repellent kills mosquitos, flies and other annoying insects by attracting and zapping them and does it through solar power–saving you money and electricity. No underground wiring necessary, just push them in the ground and forget them. Automatically lights up when it gets dark. Solar powered, no electricity needed and no tools needed for installation. Lights up walkways & yards or take with you on camping or fishing trips. Safe and effective, no dangerous insect repellent sprays are needed, the best alternative for outdoor insect protection. Get enough Mosquito Solar Trap Lamps to take back your outdoors and enjoy life again!

Product Features

  • Works anywhere outdoors: yard, walk-ways, camping, boat dock–no electrical hookup needed.
  • Bright light to keep walkways and other outdoor areas lit and safe for your family and friends.
  • Portable, use as camping lanterns plus insect repellent while on trips.
  • No need for pest controlling insects or home pest control sprayers. Plus, solar power saves big money!
  • Enjoy the outdoors with your family without being eaten up and annoyed by bugs.

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  1. Jay Paynter

    No Zapping Bug Zapper Living in Hawaii and experiencing a particularly wet late summer and early fall, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of mosquitos this year. These bug zappers seemed like such a great idea, until they got here and I put them up. First problem was; there were no instructions. Not even a picture. Of the two I ordered, one doesn’t work at all and the second is so dull, you can barely see it, much less, is it capable of attracting any bugs. At first I thought it was either; I wasn’t…