Original GREEN Black Walnut Hull Tincture (Extra Strength) by Dr. Hulda Clark, 1 oz

Green Black Walnut Hull gets its name from the fact that the black walnuts are harvested from the tree while they are still green. The green tincture from the black walnut tree is an Extra Strength formula and far surpasses the potency of many other black walnut tinctures available. This is because of three facts: First, our tincture is made from the highly potent green hulls of the black walnut tree. This is important because the green hull contains up to 10 times the amounts of juglone, an essential ingredient in the tincture. Second, it is extra strength, meaning our tincture contains double the amount of black walnut hull compared to regular strength tinctures. Our hull to alcohol ratio is 1:0.68 – that’s 1 part hull to 0.68 part 40% grain alcohol (the alcohol level in the finished tincture is less). Third, the tincture is filled to the brim when packaged, allowing minimum exposure to oxygen and is not packaged with a rubber dropper that can contaminate the tincture. You actually get more than the volume stated on the bottle. This helps to maintain maximum freshness and potency. Black walnut hull supports the body’s natural defenses with potent compounds that discourage the proliferation of foreign organisms known to occupy the human body, bringing about balance between body and microorganisms.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Product Features

  • High juglone content*
  • Dr. Clark Store Tincture always arrives Green
  • Supports a healthy intestinal environment*
  • Extra Strength formula for superior potency

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  1. MD

    I have tried others from very good sellers but this one is the best this is the real thing, from the real company. It’s dark green!. I have tried others from very good sellers but this one is the best. You also need to take wormwood and cloves. If you are in real bad shape you should also tried Artecin by Throne after you are done with this. Remember to pulse whatever you take (5 days on and 5 days off, at least 4 times) Do a search on google about antibiotic pulse dosing. I found an article: “In Test Tube, ‘Pulse-Doses’ Of Antibiotic Wipe Out Lyme Disease…

  2. TempleBuilders Personal Training

    Better than Expected Worked fast and better than expected. My 7 year old has had a chronic problem with pinworms for years. Pin-X gives results but they never knock it out all the way. A few weeks ago she started showing symptoms again and we did Pin-X again, but I wanted to find something I could give her that was more natural, and that we could take longer term to eradicate the little buggers once and for all. Shortly after her last bought I started feeling really bad, I mean REALLY bad. Fatigue, major fog brain,…