Organic Sweet Wormwood Tea.Artemisia annua Tea.Organic Sweet Annie Tea

If you buy this Artemisia Annua Tea, you make a good choice because: + our tea is BIO- ORGANIC certified + is produced in Europe where food safety rules and rules imposed by an international tea certifying company +100% natural.Our BIO- ORGANIC farm is in an area where flora and fauna are protected by law, away from any source of pollution. In the soil where Artemisia Annua Tea is produced, there have never been chemical fertilizers or pesticides.If your health matters and respects yourself, you will buy this PREMIUM tea without thinking too much.The tea is packed in premium packaging, which has 3 layers, so it retains its properties for a long period of time,with the possibility of resiguring the tea package with the clip supplied. The tea does NOT contain GLUTEN, is not genetically modified (GMO FREE) does not contain preservatives and food additives, it is 100% NATURAL. The tea contains 100% Organic Artemisia Annua. The color of tea is natural. DO NOT USE this tea during radio-therapy and / or chemotherapy . The the can be consumed only 30 days after radiotherapy and /or chemotherapy treatment. Instructions: Steep 2 grams of product into 100 ml of hot water for 10 minutes. For maximum benefits, this tea is intended to be used 5 consecutive days,with 2 days break.To amplify the beneficial effects, it is recommanded to consume this Artemisia Annua Tea, with organic products which contain iron( Fe) for example our organic Goji Leaf Tea .If you have any questions,please contact us,we will reply as soon as possibl .Thank you for your interes

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