Optimum Probiotics: 30 Billion with Spore Forming Strains & Delay Release – Great Nutritional Supplement for Post-Antibiotic, Health & Immune Support

Our fast-acting, targeted release probiotic supplement penetrates deep into the intestine providing optimal support for healthy immune system & colon function.

See images above. This supplement with patented ingedients is great to support a healthy gut flora and ideal as a post-antibiotic support. Each capsule contains 30 Billion CFU and 10 Strains – including 2 Spore Forming Strains of healthy bacteria. The special formula requires no refrigeration because it is temperature-resistant unlike other probiotics. Ideal for men & women. Made in the USA for quality assurance. 30-day supply.

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Product Features

  • OPTIMUM PROBIOTICS FOR WOMEN & MEN, SPORE-ENHANCED & ADVANCED STRENGTH: 30 Billion CFU with every capsule*. 10 Strains – Including 2 Spore Forming Strains for Additional Health Benefits. These Strains are extremely resilient – they are acid resistant and help other good bacteria.
  • PROVEN TARGETED RELEASE WITH PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: Our Advanced, Patented Capsules (DRCaps®) Deliver Deeply Into the Intestines. Alive.
  • WITH DE111® FOR CLINICALLY PROVEN BENEFITS: Supports Normal Proliferation of Beneficial Bacteria. DE111® can persist in the GI tract, increase its numbers and then resporulate. Great for Post-Antibiotic Support
  • NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED, Long Shelf Life. Spore bacteria strains are the only strains remaining viable in a wide range of temperature
  • QUALITY MADE IN THE USA: 1 Month Supply of 30 delayed release capsules, made in the USA according to cGMP staNdards. Use with pride and confidence

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  1. Sara The Rock Star "P.S. You Rock!"

    Absolutely impressed with Dr. Tobias I bought this because I had heard from a friend that probiotics can help with gas and bloating. No body likes being around a pretty girl that farts too much! While it did help with those two problems, it also helped with so much more! I have gotten sick less (improved immune system), I have more energy and I have become more regular. When I started taking the probiotics, I also started making sure that I drank more water. Between the energy boost, the hydration and becoming more…

  2. Stacy K

    High Potent extended release probiotic I have been looking for good probiotic supplement to start taking and came across this one. It contains DE111 which supports the normal proliferation of beneficial bacteria and crowds out the other bacteria in the gut. These are high potent and extended release easy to swallow capsules. Best of all they are made in the USA so I can trust in what I’m taking. I have been taking this with my normal daily vitamin routine in the morning. I was provided with these in exchange for my review and I do…