O3 Pure Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator and Purifier Air Water Oil Ozonator

The Portable O3 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator utilizes the proven technology of O3 (ozone) bubbles to treat the surface of the food, equipment or your body. It’s an organic & reliable solution to clean both air & water. The unit sets up in minutes on a wall, table, floor, or counter top and has a scratch resistant base. It’s perfect for home or office use. Our GN 500 is highly portable and can be used in both the kitchen or bathroom. It is also effective for removing human smells for game hunting. — The GN 500 comes with a an adjustable timer, full function remote, two sets of tubes and two stone diffusers. The multipurpose features of the O3 Pure Ozonator make the unit a great appliance for every household. It has a remote and upgraded ozone generator for greater product life and durability.

Product Features

  • Restores flavor & taste to food. Removes foul smells and human odors
  • Preserves freshness and extends food life
  • Multi Function Ozone generator treats air or water. Remote Control included
  • Effective and Easyway for hunters to eliminate smells and odors before and after the big hunt.

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  1. Anonymous

    More Than What I Expected I got this product to replace a very old ozonator that had finally burned out. Compared to the older one, this one bubbles the water more intensely and seems to deliver more fresh ozone per a minute. The new unit is also quieter, though there is a slight shrill high pitch sound when it is running. The sound is not high volume, but is noticeable. It is low enough volume to learn to ignore. I like the built in timer. When I first ran it, I thought it was a little defective, because the…

  2. Anonymous

    Give Life and Vitality to your Produce and Meat I would like to say, I am surprised this machine is not in everyones house hold. Bacteria, germs and other harmful microorganisms can not survive in oxygen. I feel like a responsible adult taking good care of my body by being mindful of what I am putting into my body. The machine is so simple plug the hose up, add the stone to the bottom of the hose, place it in a bowel, plug it up, press the desired time, add your water and produce or fish or meat and sanitize your food. My produce where…

  3. Anonymous

    … the item on may 18th of 2018 was working fine, on july 13th packed it up and took … I purchased the item on may 18th of 2018 was working fine, on july 13th packed it up and took it with me to my family reunion, stayed at the hilton hotel ,plugged it in fo 15 min to ozonate some water for my wife and I to drink & it did great , went to the market got some fruit and veggies , when I returned to wash the fruit , turned the 03 Pure-purpose Ozone generator and it began to smoke, I quickly pulled plug from the wall, after waiting 20 min I tried it again and got nothing the unit…