My Miracle Tea – Colon Cleanse, Constipation Relief, and All-Natural Detox Tea – 1 Week Supply (Makes 1 Gallon – Teabags)

Imagine how great it would feel next time you’re walking to the bathroom feeling confident it will only take a minute.

Your bowel movements were quick. Your stools were softer — and pain-free. You were able to use the bathroom and still enjoy your entire day.

However you cope with constipation and hard stools, My Miracle Tea can help you do it faster and more easily than you are now.

But it can’t help you unless you take the first step and make the investment. And today is your chance.

Dorothy Foote made the investment. She’s a wonderful lady from Northern Georgia. She got the My Miracle Tea because she was suffering from serious constipation problems and it was keeping her up at night.

In her words, “The tea took care of my constipation problems in a hurry. I’ve also lost weight and my husband says I’m a nicer person to be around.I’ve also encouraged several of my children to join me as well. They’re also losing weight and feeling better.

Some people say $35 is too much, but believe me, I count every penny and would have been happy to spend $50 on this product for it has done for me and my family.”

Now it’s your chance to get results like that. You’ve got to order today, plus you’ll receive free shipping that will get the product to you in a hurry.

I can’t wait to help you like we’ve helped so many wonderful people. You will see why thousands rely on My Miracle Tea helps for constipation relief, a stool softener, and colon cleanse.

Plus there is a full-money back guarantee. You’ve got 30-days to try the product for yourself. There’s no risk for you at all.

Product Features

  • ✔ REPLACE FRUSTRATION WITH RELIEF – Take back your day. Live life on your terms. My Miracle Tea can help you spend less time in the bathroom, sooften stools, decrease diarrhea, and minimize smelly gas. For over 30 years our laxative has successfully helped thousands improve their life
  • ✔ REGAIN HOPE WITH THE BEST COLON CLEANSE – Experience regular bowel movements and digestive wellness. A full body detox can help you experience improved health, bloating relief, a thorough belly fat flush, and offer you more natural energy
  • ✔ GET YOUR DIGESTION MOVING – Enjoy fast, soothing relief from hard, dry stools and other painful, time consuming bathroom and digestive concerns
  • ✔ 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Drink good in and you’ll get better out. Made with persimmon leaf, malva leaf, and chamomile, among others, this great tasting herbal tea is 100% all-natural. No preservatives. No caffeine. No Senna
  • ✔ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – You will love our tea and the results you experience. We stand behind our 30 day money-back guarantee. We are obsessed with customer service and will personally answer questions and communicate through the Amazon messaging system with you

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  1. Anonymous

    Dealing with colitis . I bought this to you for my husband who has colitis we’ve tried everything with prescriptions a lot of doctor visits diets and everything this out beats all those expensive prescriptions at the doctors have been prescribing him. We’ve tried everything, after purchasing this it has made a huge difference he no longer has the dying stomach pains after eating or anything he sleeps better this is the only thing that I run across that has helped, this is truly the miracle Tea . This stuff really…

  2. Anonymous

    Excellent Product–makes me feel wonderful!! Regularity promotes regularity in life, freedom, and joy…never had it…always tried….saw this and thought it couldn’t be try. It is true. It really is liberating, couldn’t travel with confidence. All that has changed. This product dines with our mind and body in such harmony that it just feels natural and harmonious. There is no waiting for something to happen you just find your balance with usage amount and live like you have taken a shower on the inside….clean…light…healthy…Thank…