Moxibustion Patches Natural Herb Self-Heating smokeless Wormwood Sticker Artemisia Mugwort Moxa Pads Chinese Medicine Herbal Paste of Patch (5pack)

All are Chinese herbal medicines, do not contain any chemical ingredients, and are harmless to the human body.Chinese mugwort, dispelling cold and relieving pain, promoting blood circulation, Chinese medicine conditioning method.

Product Features

  • Chinese natural herbal medicine , Relieve lumbar, neck, leg pain,irregular menstruation,dysmenorrhea Have a good conditioning effect,pure herbs,no additives, no side effect.
  • Chinese traditional hot moxibustion therapy, Artemisia argyi heating by heating bags, Able to promote blood circulation,activate blood circulation and relieve blood stasis, relieve pain.
  • Open the small package and start heating automatically in about 10 minutes,Please immediately paste the discomfort part of the body and continue to heat for about 5 hours, so as to achieve the therapeutic effect.
  • This product is easy to carry, safe, non-toxic and smoke-free. Can be used on any occasion

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