M’Lis Detoxification Kit Rejuvenating body cleanse

M’lis Detoxification Helps: Fatigue/lack of energy Overweight/underweight Digestive Problems Irregularity Cravings & Addictions Headaches Mood Swings, Anxiety, Depression Low resistance to illness & infection Allergies & Asthma Skin disorders Features and Benefits: An increase in energy. The digestive tract can rid itself of accumulated waste and putrefied bacteria (Typical loss is between 2-8 lbs, of water and waste during the 3 day cleanse). Liver, kidneys and blood are purified, and function more effectively. The peristaltic action of the colon is strengthened. A mental clarity occurs that is not possible under the constant bombardment of chemicals and food additives. Dependency on habit-forming substances such as refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and drugs is greatly diminished. The stomach has a chance to return to normal size, making it easier to control the quantity of food eaten.

Product Features

  • M’lis Detoxification is a complete internal process that purifies the liver, bowels, kidneys and blood, while cleansing all tissues of the body. It has been estimated that 95% of all disease begins in a toxic colon. A weak immune system exacerbates any health problem. M’lis Detoxification program is the first step in reversing the course of chronic health conditions, and is an important part of a regular health maintenance and prevention regimen.


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