Milk Thistle Liver & Kidney Supplement for DOGS and CATS with DHA, EPA, Silymarin, and Vitamin B (B1 B2 B6 B12) to Prevent Liver and Kidney Disease – 100 Chewable Treats – Bacon Cheese Flavor

Milk Thistle with EPA & DHA for Dogs and Cats (100 Tablets per bottle) is a safe, 100% All-Natural supplement formulated to remedy liver and kidney failure and improve liver and kidney, urinary tract, pancreas, and gallbladder health without any harmful side effects. As a LIVER aid it improves the efficient production of insulin and bile within the liver and helps maintain your pets’ ability to eliminate toxins. As a KIDNEY aid, it promotes proper kidney function, supports healthy blood pressure and maintains the routine excretion of waste products, thus providing support for optimum performance of the urinary tract system. * Complete benefits include: Supports KIDNEY and endocrine function * Promotes urinary tract health * Supports water balance and fluid regulation * Supports the kidneys by converting Vitamin D to its active form * Improves LIVER, pancreas and gallbladder health * Facilitates systemic detoxification and blood purification * Maintains healthy production of insulin and bile * Maintains blood sugar levels within the normal range * Promotes healthy digestive and metabolic functioning. 60 Tablets per bottle! >>> The LOWEST Price per Tablet than ANY leading brand! >>> This is the BEST value for your Money! >>> BUY YOUR BOTTLE TODAY!

Product Features

  • Improves LIVER, Pancreas and Gallbladder Health. Supports Proper KIDNEY and Endocrine Function.
  • Contains EPA & DHA – Complete Formula – 100% All Natural Ingredients
  • Veterinarian Recommended – Made in USA – Comes from a Trusted Source
  • Delicious Bacon & Cheese Flavor
  • LOWEST Price per Tablet than ANY Leading Brand! BEST Value for your Money!

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  1. Holly

    Helped save my dog’s life! Excellent stuff! This was part of my dog’s treatment after the vet discovered that she was in liver failure. The vet said she had the worst liver values she had ever seen or heard of. This was all from eating a poison mushroom, we speculate. We treated her aggressively with a week at the vet with non stop fluids and antibiotics, and liver support meds. Her numbers began to improve, and the vet sent her home with me. I started her on this supplement twice per day, along with another liver…

  2. Chris

    Really helped my dogs liver enzymes ! My 6 year old dog has a few different medical problems. We had some bloodwork done a few months ago and her liver enzyme levels were very elevated. I had read about how Milk Thistle could really help with leveling off those liver enzyme level, so I decided to give this a try. I’m happy to say that the latest bloodwork all came back normal! I think this has definitely helped with that. I will continue to give these to her and am glad I tried this brand as they are more economical to give…