Michael’s Naturopathic Programs Paraherbs – 120 Vegan Capsules – Intestinal Cleansing Support Supplement, Papaya Seeds for Detoxification – Vegetarian, Kosher – 120 Servings

Michael’s Paraherbs is a vegetarian and kosher supplement which contains soluble and insoluble fibers which aid in the proper function of the intestinal tract. Fiber is essential to clean the tract and keep it free of excess mucous and wastes.

Product Features

  • SUPPORTS THE INTESTINAL TRACT – Paraherbs provides specialized support for the integrity and cleansing of the intestines. It is a distinctive and effective all herbal blend.
  • TRAVELER’S COMPANION – Butternut and Black Walnut tonify the intestinal lining and support the immune system and healthy gut flora.
  • GUT CLEANSE SUPPORT – Papaya seeds are used widely in tropical countries for detoxification. Our supplement also contains garlic, black walnut, clove, pau darco, pumpkin, and wormseed.
  • SOLUBLE AND INSOLUBLE FIBERS – Nutrients present in our herbal blend help move waste through the intestines by supporting peristaltic motion.
  • DOCTOR FORMULATED – Our Founder, Michael Swartz, developed his naturopathic program after years as a nutritional counselor. They are all designed to be high potency for specific needs.


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  1. Anonymous

    so good. No digestive upsets So far, so good. No digestive upsets. I have used one half bottle and will begin again in a few days. It is best for everyone to begin to work on parasite issues 10 days before the full moon for that is when they are the most active. Dr. Hazel Parcells taught me to drink milk before you do a parasite cleanse because parasites like milk and milk will draw them out of the tissues and they are more relaxed. Then you start taking something like Paraherbs to rid yourself of those little…