Liquid Liver Cleanse Tea – Liver Detox Cleansing Herbs, Extracted From Organic Kombucha Tea Concentrate (1-2 Month Supply) 1oz, Money-back Guarantee (5)

Increasing vitality solely with stimulants?

That’s like revving an engine without ever changing it’s oil. A body’s engine is it’s liver. Clean it with detoxifying herbal extracts to handle the daily revs of life.

Why Kombucha?

We believe what you are using to extract your herbs are just as important as the herbs themselves.

While most tinctures use a combination of either water,alcohol or glycerine, who’s only purpose is to extract and preserve, all of Get Kombucha’s tinctures are extracted with our flagship Kombucha Extract made with Certified Organic and Fair Trade ingredients.

This base of Living Probiotic Kombucha Extract not only extracts and preserves your herbs… they Enhance it as well by supercharging the bioavailability allowing your body to assimilate more of what you want and in less time!


Organic Kombucha Tea infused with Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Licorice, Dandelion Root, Kutki

Product Features

  • The ONLY Liquid Liver Detox Tea Extracted With Organic Probiotic Rich Kombucha Extract Making It Easier, Faster, And Better Absorbed Than Taking Hard To Swallow Pills
  • Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root Support Healthy Liver and Gallbladder Function
  • Turmeric and Licorice Root Detoxify So That You Can Start Healing From The Inside Out
  • The ONLY Liver Tonic To Contain Himalayan Kutki: The Sacred Ayurvedic “Flower of Digestion”
  • 100% “Empty The Bottle” Money Back Guarantee: You Either Love It, Or Return The Bottle Empty For A Full Refund

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Staying Healthy


  1. Kristeen Hamilton

    Formula not consistent Update: I spoke with Dave, the owner via email. He assured me that I would get 3 new bottles at no cost. So far I haven’t received the bottles, but I will update this review at that time.Hmmmm the first bottle had a pleasant taste and smell. I felt like I was having some positive results with it. So I ordered 3 more with the buy two get one deal. I recently started on my second bottle. The smell and taste of the second bottle are not even close to the first. I’m super sensitive to…