Kindle for Kids Bundle with the latest Kindle, 2-Year Accident Protection, Kid-Friendly Blue Cover

Product Features

  • Includes the latest Kindle without sponsored screensavers ($99.99), a kid-friendly cover ($19.99), and a 2-year warranty provided by SquareTrade ($19.99). Save $39.98 compared to when purchased separately.
  • Set reading goals and track progress with Kindle FreeTime
  • Drops or spills? No worries – includes 2 years of accident protection provided by SquareTrade. Once your Kindle ships, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your coverage.
  • Power up a young reader’s vocabulary with features that offer hints for difficult words and let you practice them on digital flashcards
  • Zero distractions – unlike tablets, Kindle is designed just for reading
  • Lighter than a paperback and holds thousands of books
  • Kindle offers more than 250,000 children’s titles, plus easily borrow e-books from your public library

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  1. Rustic

    If You Are Thinking of Buying This as a Gift for a Child… Amazon has bundled together a Kindle, cover, and protection plan with the child in mind. If you are thinking about buying this for a child you might want to take the following into consideration. It could turn into a great gift or a dust collector, depending on what the child wants.* First of all, this is the same 7th generation Kindle being advertised for $79. I own it and love it.* This is a dedicated e-reader. This simply means that this Kindle is used for reading books…

  2. Phil (not) in Mågnoliá

    This is a very good value, for kids OR even if you’re not a kid! Although Amazon describes this as a ‘kids bundle’ (and there are some pros and cons regarding purchasing this for a kid – see below), it’s an excellent value for anyone considering purchase of a new Kindle. This review will therefore cover the merits of this bundle, not just from the standpoint of kids use, but for all possible users as well.It starts with the which is still a very good…

  3. Spencer in Seattle

    Simply a Reading Tool, And That’s Why It’s So Great Quite simply, buying this affordable Kindle for your kid (or kids) is a way to promote reading. It’s not a gaming platform. It’s not a video player. It’s not a iPod. It’s not a portal into the worlds of the internet. It’s not even a photography or videography tool. And that’s what is so wonderful about this incredibly affordable Kindle package. It’s for reading. Honestly, my review could stop there — but I have a few more things to say.Kindle’s have been around for several years…