Kidney Support Supplement – Natural Herbal Supplement Blend including 200mg Cranberry Extract – Powerful Kidney Cleanse that Supports Natural Kidney Detox and the Urinary Tract

Support healthy kidney and urinary tract function with Teakwood Labs’ Advanced Kidney Support dietary supplement. This unique and natural blend contains 200mg of cranberry extract, which has shown to promote the kidneys natural cleansing and flushing process.

Product Features

  • NATURAL KIDNEY CLEANSER – Kidney maintenance is essential to overall well-being. Kidney care supplements help to flush toxins and maintain healthy function of the Kidneys and Urinary Tract.
  • KIDNEY DETOX – The right combination of ingredients supports the body’s natural detoxification process helping to clear system build-up of waste product
  • EXTRA STRENGTH HERBAL BLEND – Organic Cranberry Extract, Astragalus, Birch Leaves, Turmeric, Goldenrod, Horsetail, Gravel Root, Juniper, Uva Ursi, Nettle Leaf
  • FORMULATED FOR YOU – Teakwood Labs supplements are designed to maintain and strengthen natural body function. We aim to support strong bodies like yours and keep them that way
  • Formulated for Teakwood Labs in an FDA registered and inspected facility; 100% NSF compliant, 100% GMP registered

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  1. Anonymous

    Kidney support is my daily regime. Once I am off for a while then my hand starts swell and my lymph nodes on my arm pits swell too. I feel that this product is high quality and money’s worth. Kidney support products are long term items that you need to try 3 to 4 weeks to see if it’s helping you but based on daily routine I have over the years which include Kidney support items when I exchange this item to my previous Kidney product it was seamless.The capsules were easy to take and…