Kidney Stone Dissolver – Stone Breaker for Kidney Stones Made with Chanca Piedra Kidney Stone Crusher Formula for Calcium Oxalate Protection & Gallstones Plus Gallbladder Complete Bile Free Cleanse

Chanca Piedra, known as Stone Breaker in English, literally translates to ‘crushes rocks’. It’s a one- to two-foot plant that grows in tropical areas. It’s been long-used by indigenous people of the Amazon rain forest to treat and dissolve kidney stones and gallstones. Urologists have demonstrated that Chanca Piedra normalizes levels of calcium in the urine, which contribute to kidney stone growth. Pharmacologists discovered in Chanca Piedra a wide variety of phytochemicals, flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenoids, lignans, polyphenols, tannins, coumarins and saponins. With these bioactive agents Chanca Piedra could combat a number of afflictions including kidney stones, hypertension, and chemical-driven liver damage. Chanca Piedra supports: Liver & Bladder Health Kidney health Support Urinary System Support Gallbladder Support Traditional herbal supplement (“Stonebreaker”) for kidney and liver health alleviates gallstones and kidney stones. Lowers calcium in the urine. Natures Nectar Stone Blocker Chanca Piedra Capsules contain 400 milligrams of Chanca Piedra, 100 milligrams of Dandelion Root, and 50 milligrams of Celery seed.

Product Features

  • Trouble with Kidney Stones or Gallbladder stones? This chanca piedra kidney stone crusher is for you – SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED FOR BEST RESULTS: Each capsule is formulated with Chanca Piedra, Dandelion root, and Celery Seed Extract for fast acting and long-term wellness. The powerful combination supports your kidney health from the inside.
  • URINARY CLEANSE. Naturally promote kidney and gallbladder relief, combat discomfort, and maintain proper balance. You can have the confidence that every capsule has the strength and potency that you are looking for in a product – Naturally promote kidney and gallbladder relief, combat discomfort, and maintain kidney balance
  • Chanca Piedra has been used for hundreds of years for treatment of kidney stones and gallstones – Chanca Piedra has been used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon for hundreds of years for treatment and removal of kidney stones and gallstones. It works as a proven kidney stone dissolver and gallstone dissolver for your gallbladder.
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We mix, fill, pack and label all of our products in the United States, leveraging FDA approved facilities that live up to the highest level of GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practices”) compliance. Our products are also 100% satisfaction guaranteed; if you don’t like the product, simply return it via Amazon’s no-hassle return procedure and we’ll be glad to give you a full refund. We stand behind our products because we believe in them
  • Root out Gallstone, Gall Bladder, and kidney stones with Stone Breaker – 2 Capsules per day is all you need! – Has Oxalate Himalaya Salts for purified strength

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