Kidney Cleanse Herb Seed Set, Detox Your Kidneys, 8 Organic Medicinal Herb Plant Seeds,

Product Features

  • Seed Set includes: Uva-Ursi, Goldenrod, Celery, Gravel Root (Joe Pye), Marshmallow, Dandelion, Parsley.
  • Buying the formulas can be expensive, searching around for all of the fresh organic herbs that you need can be time consuming – it’s all in one set.
  • Each plant is easy to grow, and instructions (Growing and Using) are included in your set.
  • Just grow them, dry them, and brew them in water for medicinal tea, or make a tincture.
  • Kidney Cleanse Herb Seed Set, Detox your Kidneys, 7 types of Organic Medicinal Herb Plant Seeds

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