KDF Compact Shower Filter Replacement

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Every day you absorb more chlorine through your skin in one shower than what you typically drink all day. Chlorine can make skin dry and flaky. It can make hair dry and brittle, and ruin hair coloring and permanents. Chlorine often irritates the eyes and lungs. With this technology, our KDF shower filter has shown to effectively remove 96+% of this damaging chlorine for up to 6 months for two people.

What is inside?
• KDF media used in place of, or in conjunction with, activated carbon removes 96% of the chlorine in municipal water. Harmful chlorine is converted to harmless chloride.

• KDF media removes up to 9% of the lead and other heavy metals by bonding to KDF media.

• KDF media also controls and inhibits micro organisms (bacteria, algae and fungi) by setting up an electrolytic field and also by forming peroxide and hydroxyl radicals by REDOX REACTIONS.

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Suggested Use:/br>
Cartridge fits KDF Shower Filter which can be connected to a standard U.S. shower pipe fitting.
The filter lasts for 6 months of regular use by 2 people. Shower head not included.

Keep out of reach of children.

Product Features

  • Removes heavy metals
  • Lasts longer then Carbon
  • Say Good-Bye to chlorine in your shower!

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