INF Formula (Formerly Infection Formula), 100 Caps (3 Pack)

infection formula

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  • 3 bottles

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  1. Anonymous

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I’m not a big review writer unless it’s something I’m blown away by. I’ve had an infection in my chin implant for almost a year. I had the implant put in 28 years ago but developed an infection inside of it. I’ve taken numerous doctor prescribed antibiotics that have done absolutely nothing to alleviate my constant swollen lymph nodes in my face and neck area along with constant pain and tightness, and the antibiotics destroy my intestinal tract. I usually take the holistic route and had no…

  2. Anonymous

    Helpful In Keeping Infections At Bay, It Seems I had some terribly infected tooth roots and couldn’t have oral surgery right away (ok, I let it go far longer than I should have), so I took this supplement and others bought on Amazon to keep the wolf at bay, as it were.Along with fastidious oral hygiene, I was able to peacefully coexist with the infection issues until the time was right for the surgery to occur, which it now has (including a follow-up surgery to correct a dry socket, the pain of which was helped by another…