Himalaya LiverCare Powder for Liver Detox and Liver Cleanse 0.14oz (7 Pack)

Your liver performs close to 500 vital biochemical functions every day and it is considered to be the most active metabolic center in the body. It’s responsible for storing nutrients, creating proteins, and even the building blocks for hormones and immune cells to name just a few. It also plays a major role in detoxification which in today’s environment is quickly becoming a full-time effort. LiverCare Powder is a clinically studied combination of nourishing herbs that have been shown to strengthen the very liver cells that perform those 500 jobs, including detoxification. Whereas many other products focus on just detoxification, LiverCare Powder focuses on the performance of the liver among all of its functions to give you a holistic approach to liver wellness. Furthermore, athletes who specialize in anaerobic sports (e.g. weightlifting) often consume a very high level of protein, which adds much work to the liver’s tasks. Remember your liver is the metabolic organ and is the chief organ to take loose amino acids from the diet and create new human proteins. Safe for long-term use. Contains no milk thistle; no side effects.*

Product Features

  • The same best selling LiverCare formula in a convenient and tasty powder.
  • Mix with smoothies, protein shakes, any cold or hot beverage or with just water.
  • Convenient single daily dosage (Mix 1 Daily)
  • Available in single units for trial and in 7-pack for weekly use
  • All the benefits of LiverCare

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