HealthForce SuperFoods Liver Rescue, All-Natural, 30 Count

Liver Rescue Version 4+ 30 VeganCaps™ You Only Have One Liver And You Can’t Live Without It! Keeping the liver healthy is essential to good health. And most peoples livers are quite challenged and weakened with a toxic overload. One of the livers functions is to filter toxic materials from the blood, and if it is not functioning at optimum levels, your health is compromised. The healthier you live your life, the less stress there is on any organ, including the liver. It is our experience (using iridology and live blood cell analysis) that a large number of people have a significant level of liver stress. Usually the older and/or more toxic someone becomes, and the further away from a Vegan whole food diet emphasizing raw foods they go, the more liver stress there is. Nearly all medical drugs can AND DO cause liver damage! Continued liver damage leads to widespread body system failures and eventually death! And these toxic substances are supposed to heal us? Poor dietary choices such as excess protein (especially from sources that were once living, feeling creatures), alcohol, over the counter drugs/medications and anything else that is bad for us can cause liver stress as well. For more information on a healthful diet, Milk Thistle can help the liver because it nutritionally supports its functioning. It can help to increase the flow of bile (which emulsifies fats and is an avenue that the liver uses to dump poisons and wastes into). When the liver is toxic, it dumps toxins into your colon via bile. Then, if you colon is toxic, (which almost everyones is) these toxins get reabsorbed into the blood stream and much of them are sent back to the liver, and then back to the colon via bile, and then back to the liver, etc.

Product Features

  • Natural Detox: The herbs in Liver Rescue work together synergistically to support liver function detoxification. We use no fillers, binders, flow agents.
  • Essential Herbs: Our formula contains beneficial levels of the most powerful liver herbs known: milk thistle, dandelion root, chanca piedra, and turmeric.
  • All-Natural and Organic: Liver Rescue is vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Our TruGanic standard ensures purity and quality. Our products are lab-tested for botanical identity, heavy metals, and microbiological activity. We ship in EcoFresh packaging that delivers superior freshness.
  • Highest Manufacturing Standards: Made in U.S., in our certified Organic facility with no gluten, peanuts, and tree nuts. Our facility is FDA registered GMP compliant.

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  1. Anonymous

    Kept my mom alive My mother was literally sent home feom the dr being advised that she would not live another week at best. She has liver chirrosis caused by hep c and alcohol abuse. Four months later and she is not only alive but thriving. All of her water weight 70lbs is gone. She had water pouring out her legs and stomach! She was bed ridden. She wasn’t strong enough for hep c treatment and her dr. Said the drugs to cure hep c would be a waste because she would wasn’t going to live. Here is the real…

  2. Anonymous

    Clean Your Liver, Loose the Bloat This stuff is magic. It is amazing and life changing. In short, here’s my story. I’m 40 and pretty active. I eat fairly healthy, exercise, drink green smoothies almost daily, take detox baths, etc. I live a normal life. I started to go back to the gym in full swing last summer. Saw some results. But for my efforts, I should have seen more, way more. I knew something was off. Tried a colon cleanse (which I’ve done a few times before with great success) but it didn’t work this time…